Thursday, July 7, 2016

Latino Voter Poll: Clinton 80% Trump 13%

Want another reason why Hillary Clinton is very, very likely to be our next president? Just take a look at this amazing chart from this stunning poll:

The latest New Latino Voice (NLV) online tracking poll conducted by Florida International University and Hispanic mobile advertising company Adsmovil shows that Hillary Clinton has reached the 80% support mark with Latinos, her highest number with respondents since the poll began in April. Conversely, this latest version of the NLV poll was also Donald Trump’s worst performance since late April, as the presumptive Republican nominee got 13% of Latino support. An “Other” candidate got 7%.
The poll was conducted from June 27–July 4 and asked 3,037 online Latinos their choice for President. ...
Since the poll’s inception in April, Clinton has seen her numbers jump almost 20 points, as the “Other” candidate has dropped about 18 points.
Although it's highly unlikely, these numbers obviously could change over the next four months. But if they don' can Donald Trump win? It's hard to see how it's even possible.

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  1. My friend who is doing Hispanic voter registration says the 13% don't identify, some are Cubans and some are those who see themselves as European, she puts her finger on the tip of her nose and then looks upward, to indicate.