Saturday, July 30, 2016

INCREDIBLE: Hillary HQ has just surpassed 100,000 likes on Facebook!

HUGE NEWS: The day after the Democratic National Convention, Hillary HQ surpassed 100,000 likes on Facebook! If you had told me this would be happening a year ago when we had maybe a couple of thousand likes, I wouldn't have believed you. But here we are!

To all of our followers, readers, sharers...THANK YOU! The best is yet to come...and if you'd like to support our continued efforts on Hillary Clinton's behalf, donate here.

Also, in honor of this milestone and Hillary's nomination, we have updated our look over at Facebook and Twitter. What do you think?


  1. What beautiful photos! They are just great!

  2. hey, starting out with a couple thousand was pretty darn good. 100,000 just a year later is great, congratulations!