Friday, July 1, 2016

Hillary News & Views 7/1/16: Latin@ Outreach, Scheduled Biden Appearance, and New Ads

Guest post by violining247

Happy Friday, my dear Hill People! A relatively light news day here at HNV, but some good news to be shared nonetheless.
It seems there is a never-ending train of Republicans (perhaps now former Republicans?) who have either outright declared their support for Hillary or are at least thinking about it. Susan Collins (R-Maine) offered her latest thoughts in an interview with David Axelrod yesterday.
In an interview on former Obama advisor David Axelrod’s podcast, “The Axe Files,” Collins spoke about the time she spent alongside Clinton in the U.S. Senate. She said she respected the former Secretary of State and admired her “real effort to reach out to members on the other side of the aisle.”
“Not just moderates like me, but conservatives as well,” Collins said. “She was good to work with, I had a very good relationship with her in the Senate working on Alzheimer’s in particular, but also on some economic development issues.”
Collins still hasn’t announced any official plans to support either candidate, but said she’d be looking at both candidates’ running mates in the coming months.
“I want to just look and see what happens. This evolves daily. There are surprises daily,” she said. “It’s going to be very important to me who Donald Trump chooses as his running mate. That is arguably the most important decision that a candidate can make. And I’ll be very interested to see who Hillary chooses.”
I’m sure whomever Hillary picks will be worthy and the Donald will do whatever he can to shipwreck his campaign with his VP pick, so...welcome aboard, Sen. Collins!
As we have known for some time now, with few exceptions, Hillary did very well with Latin@ voters throughout the primary. Going into the general, it’s as important as ever to build on this trend, and as BuzzFeed reports, the Clinton campaign is ramping up its efforts to court the Latin@ vote for what will hopefully be a landslide margin in that demographic. 
This infusion of Hispanic staffers across the Clinton operation is part of a Latino vote program that will focus on ramping up efforts to reach Latinas and “millennial or billennial (bilingual millennial) voters,” the campaign said. All along, the campaign expected that Latinas would respond positively to the prospect of the first woman president. During the primary it saw heightened success reaching Latinas — in Texas, the support was 72% compared to 69% for Hispanic men, and 74% in Florida compared to 69%, for example.
The campaign also feels confident about its SMS texting program aimed at Latinos. In November it boasted that tens of thousands of Latinos, many young, signed up for the bilingual texting program in key states like Florida, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, along with Texas and California. Now the campaign says that number is a few hundred thousand Hispanics.
Democratic strategist Maria Cardona said it would be easy for the campaign to rest on its laurels or save resources when it comes to Latino voters, which many consider in the bag for Democrats because of Trump’s rhetoric and policies. “They’re doing completely the opposite,” she said.
GOTV? Check. Now, for campaign appearances. As if Wednesday’s announcement re: Pres. Obama’s first joint appearance with Hillary weren’t enough, news broke yesterday that on July 8, Hillary and VP Joe Biden will campaign together in Scranton, PA
Hillary Clinton is returning to the region July 8 and she’s bringing a pal from Scranton with her.
Vice President Joseph Biden will make his first formal campaign appearance on the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s behalf at a time and location in Scranton to be announced, Clinton Pennsylvania campaign spokeswoman Stephanie Formas said.
The visit by Mrs. Clinton will be her second to Northeast Pennsylvania this year. The former secretary of state stumped at Dunmore High School on April 22 during the Pennsylvania Democratic primary campaign against U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. She won Pennsylvania handily, but the state is considered a chief target for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump because of blue-collar regions like Northeast Pennsylvania and the state’s western part where Mr. Trump visited Monessen on Tuesday.
Biden also sent up the bat signal yesterday that an endorsement from the Bernster is forthcoming.
Vice President Biden says Bernie Sanders will endorse his Democratic primary opponent, Hillary Clinton.
"I've talked to Bernie, Bernie's going to endorse her, this is going to work out," Biden said in an interview with NPR's "Weekend Edition" to air Sunday. "The Democrats are coalescing even before this occurs."
In an interview on MSNBC later Thursday evening, Sanders wouldn't confirm or deny Biden's claim. He said he's hopeful he'll be able to give an endorsement, but "we're not there quite yet." 
*Looks at watch* *Shrugs* *Moves on*
You may have seen the videos yesterday of Jimmy Kimmel Live skewering the perception of Hillary as untrustworthy…a piece about said clip also appeared in theWashington Post. While the sentiment it represents is frustrating to us Hillary supporters, the video itself is hilarious.
Hillary Clinton is not a trustworthy person -- that seems to be the consensus of much of the country, and it's throwing a wrench in what might otherwise be a more-lopsided presidential election.
And who better to judge her for her lack of trustworthiness than people who are in the process of lying themselves?
Jimmy Kimmel's "Lie Witness News" took to the streets to ask people about the approximately 160 previously unreleased Clinton emails this week. The show, of course, totally made up what was actually in the rather bland emails -- saying Clinton was responding to spam from Nigerian princes and asking Vladimir Putin for shirtless pictures, for instance. But that didn't stop these people from describing how they had read about these non-existent emails and berating Clinton over them.
And the video, in case you can’t access the WaPo article
If you live in a swing state, chances are you’ve seen some Hillary ads on your TV. As kos wrote yesterday, Hillary is now on the air in these states with some introductory biographical ads. 
Please note that some of these spotlights are running in parts of Nebraska. NEBRASKA, YOU GUYS! I love that the campaign is feeling confident enough to go for one of those districts...another possible electoral college pickup for Team Blue!
If all of that weren’t enough reason to feel good, check out this short video from the campaign Twitter feed, featuring footage of the NYC Pride Parade this weekend.
Now a little bit of my own Hillary-related news: today marks Day 1 of my Roadtrip for Hillary, so as you are enjoying your morning coffee while chatting below, I will be en route to Tennessee, then North Carolina on Sunday, where I will be helping with voter registration and possibly marching in a July 4 parade:-) Oh, and I will MOST DEFINITELY be at the joint Obama/Clinton appearance on Tuesday before jetting off to Virginia! I promise to post updates from the road as I am able (and of course keep up with the Friday HNV installment), and who knows? Maybe I’ll even run into some of you out on the campaign trail:-) If you’d like to be a part of it all by throwing in a little something to my GoFundMe, that would be icing on the cake and you would have my eternal thanks, but no pressure. I am SO looking forward to doing whatever it takes to stop the Orange Menace and get voters enthused about voting for Hillary as our eminently qualified, intelligent, progressive, and downright awesome first female president. Stay tuned for further updates in my forthcoming “Roadtripping for Hillary” series!

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  1. I am glad Biden is stepping up, especially since he wasn't exactly on her team even right after he decided he wouldn't run, which for him was a sacrifice, the so-called male ego sees doing the right thing as a praiseworthy sacrifice. (not all men have that special male ego gene, thank goodness, and it isn't unknown among the female sex, it isn't only excess testosterone that makes people ruthlessly competitive).

    Chris Hayes was amazed by the berner yesterday, he can't believe that guys ego, but it's really just fundraising, if he say he'll endorse her, to keep asking for money he has to keep holding out for what he can't get, so he has to keep raising the bar to make it to the convention still asking for money, and I don't care anymore, I don't want to see an old guy deep in campaign debt, and I don't want to contribute to paying it off.

    There was a study some time back that measured increases in testosterone in the blood during certain activities and that racing in cars made it really spike. Anyone else not surprised? I think that's what happened to him and his supporters, after the primary was over, they got more and more aggressive.

    1. Or maybe he's just a whiny poor loser.

  2. Great article, thanks! Wish I was going along on your trip, but I only have 6.5 days off remaining for the rest of the year. (Nov 8 is scheduled! :) )

  3. Wonder how Trump's Latino outreach is doing?

  4. When you and your surrogates have portrayed Hillary as an evil Wall Street witch and a warmongering bloodthirsty hawk ... it's pretty hard to walk that back. Sanders ran a very negative campaign, something he is rarely if ever confronted about. He's held up as the only honest candidate when, in fact, he and his cabal have lied numerous times and been awarded many pinocchios. He has not, and never intended to, release his income tax returns. He won the silver in the race. Hillary won the gold. It would be honorable of him to acknowledge that. Personally, I think he's proven himself to be a very little man.