Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hillary HQ is going to the Democratic National Convention!

(I'm on my way to Philly this evening and coverage begins Monday morning. Thanks again for your support! Check our Twitter feed throughout the day for updates. -Scott) 


Hillary HQ has received full press credentials for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia! If you told me this would be happening eighteen months ago when I started the blog, I wouldn't have believed you...but here we are. Whether I'll be sitting next to Rachel Maddow or Dan Rather, or be able to snag a big interview or two, remains to be seen. But whatever happens, it's my mission to cover it all in a unique way that you won't see anywhere else. Stay tuned!

As a reminder, Hillary HQ is a totally grassroots and completely ad-free site that is supported by readers like you. Any donation (large or small) to our year-long fundraiser goes directly toward keeping the site going full time and helping with travel expenses to the convention. It's about a third of the way to the total goal so far - which is a pretty good pace - but any help in reaching 100% funding by election day would be much appreciated.

Click here to donate: Hillary HQ General Election Fund

On a personal note, this is literally a dream come true and the culmination of many years of political writing and activism. And it wouldn't be possible without all our awesome readers and sharers, so from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU!


  1. I Read last night that Warren's Name was Not On the List to Speak at the Dem Convention....Wonder what is going on. I Read that on Crooks and Liars.

    1. Might mean nothing...but hey, who knows!

    2. yeah, not true,,

      they added the ones who were still being considered for VP after Hillary made the decision.

      so it meant that she was under consideration for VP.

  2. a press pass is a useful thing, gets you to where it's happening. But as a blogger, you got honored, for sure, congratulations Scan.

    I was a teenage volunteer at the '64 one in Atlantic City, I was most amazed by the sponsorship, coke machines that said, "have a free coke." And the famous people, of course, but for me mostly the free stuff, I was a mostly broke teenager.

    Find some unusual people to interview. I hung out with Pierre Sallinger's son, he was a year younger and the only volunteer close to my age but I didn't think to ask him about his dad, although he was the one who pointed out MLK to me (I was looking down, as usual).

    See if you can make some news!

    1. Yep, I'm gonna be as many places as possible and keep my eyes and ears open at all times for anything that may come my way!

  3. Good luck, Scott. Looking forward to your reporting. Go Clinton/Kaine!