Friday, July 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton Speaks to the National Education Association (7/5/16)
In a rousing and passionate address to the National Education Association Representative Assembly on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said the nation needs to give our schools more “TLC “- teaching, learning, and community, the three pillars of her vision to strengthen public education. But any national campaign to create great schools for every student, she added, will only succeed with the strong voices of educators.

“I’m with you,” Clinton declared to enthusiastic applause. “I have this old-fashioned idea that we should listen to the teachers and the support professionals who are with our kids every day.”...

Clinton told the 7,000 delegates gathered in the Washington Convention Center that it was time to discard the “education wars” that have polluted the national debate over education in state legislatures and media outlets across the country.

“There is no time for finger pointing, or arguing over who cares about kids more,” Clinton said. “It’s time to set one table and sit around it together – all of us – so we can work together to do what’s best for America’s children.” And that table, Clinton promised, will have always have a seat for educators.
Watch the full speech above.

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  1. yes, there has been too much bickering, teachers are caught in the middle and they are the ones that spend time with our children. it's always the teachers who get blamed, when many of our kids need home support and regular meals and safe and clean places to sleep. it needs a holistic approach, a 'takes a village' approach. it's the community part, needs don't need to complete, the needs are complimentary, older retired or under-employed adults with skills and not enough money, who could join child-care teams in locations on site, so that parents who work can drop their kids off early and/or pick them up late, and if they are temporarily unemployed can pitch in and in the process make contacts.

    If every poor mother could work near her own children with the support of other mothers and teachers, and take her meals there too, and gather up credits to use later when she has a job and someone else doesn't,

    If every trade could volunteer hours for fixing things and building things, for school districts that are under-funded, and train kids at the same time, if unions provided their experts, so it also made the unions stronger

    it's all community.