Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello Philadelphia!

by Scott Hopkins, reporting from Philadelphia

Alright, here we go!

I'm beginning the day Monday by picking up press credentials, figuring out the schedule for the week's events and getting set up at Wells Fargo Center in time for the official start of the convention at 4:00pm ET. Keep an eye on Hillary HQ's Twitter and Facebook feeds for all the latest.

We'll have some great live coverage later today and the rest of the week, so stay tuned!

1 comment:

  1. just heard a great report on the 60 minutes show, Hillary asked again and she says it, there is one standard for me and another standard for everyone else.

    Anyone want to hear what women who support Hillary think about Debbie getting booed?

    Debbie, a great woman, got booed while on the stage by the same guys who were booing Hillary whenever Bernie implied she was bought and sold, his laugh line 'must have been soooome speech,' the same sorts who threw dollar bills when one of his actors called her a corporate whore after then date and place of the fund-raiser was provided to his supporters.

    Who takes the high road, as usual? Never Bernie - he's the same bottom feeder as always.

    This time, Debbie, she resigned, and they still booed her.

    And Hillary, they put us far ahead of self-love.

    Thank you Debbie, you took it on the chin for us.

    Those emails weren't even verified as accurate before Bernie was demanding Debbie's head, and still haven't been, and if she ventilated over something not meant for the public, while he was smearing her and demanding her resignation in public to cheers and getting his supporters to boo Hillary, and fund-raising off it, it would be more than understandable.

    it's the double-double-dutch standard, he gets to be a creep and the media holds their fire, and he gets to finger point against yet another woman, this time Debbie, who has worked for the party and who factually helped him out, however she felt personally.

    Shame on Bernie, shame shame shame