Friday, July 29, 2016

#DemsInPhilly Day 4: Simply the Best

by Scott Hopkins, reporting on a train somewhere between Philadelphia and New York City

What an amazing honor and privilege to have witnessed history this week in person.

I'm traveling home today (via NYC) so writing will once again be scarce until later this weekend. Some of you may be wondering why writing was generally scarce at Hillary HQ during such a huge week, even though I was in Philadelphia to see it all myself. Good question! The answer is that the convention experience was incredibly time consuming and exhausting. After a relatively breezy first day, it soon became obvious that I had to choose between mingling and finding a good seat, between writing and sleeping, and between trying for interviews and experiencing history as closely as I could while I had the chance.

As the week wore on, I chose to focus on the experience...because writing about it can come later. Considering what I just witnessed, I have to say I made the right choice. Especially because who knows when I'll get such an opportunity again.

More on this almost-perfect week soon. For now, let's celebrate the history that was just made. We've earned it!

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  1. yes, this is history and she is the best. Debbie put that show together, what a girl. Even the balloons worked. And some of them were huge.

    Hillary is in the White House, waiting to be elected, while trump is in the garbage can, waiting to be collected.

    (She's having a tall one with the first family.)