Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Charlie Rose Interview (7/18/16)

Want some excellent #RNCinCLE Day Three counterprogramming? Here you go:
Charlie Rose is immersed in GOP politics in Cleveland this week at the Republican convention, but his reporting coup came from across the aisle after he secured a lengthy sit-down with Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was “authentic and engaged and not holding back” during her interview on Monday in Cincinnati that followed her speech at the NAACP’s national convention. Portions of Rose’s hourlong interview ran on various CBS News platforms Monday and in full on PBS’ “Charlie Rose.” Clinton made headlines during the GOP fete by asserting that Republican nominee Donald Trump has taken “the “most dangerous, reckless approach to being president than I think we’ve ever seen.”

“I thought she was enormously responsive,” Rose told Variety Tuesday morning while strolling the GOP convention floor at the Quicken Loans Arena. “I have had people telling me that they thought she was enormously natural. You felt like it was a conversation.”
Watch the full interview above and follow Hillary HQ tonight on Twitter for more of the "fun"!

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