Monday, June 27, 2016

WHAT A LOVELY DAY: Hillary and Elizabeth Rock the House in Cincinnati!

June 27th 2016 has turned into a watershed day for women and the progressive movement in America, and this tweet says it all:
In a dramatic ruling, the Supreme Court on Monday threw out a Texas abortion access law in a victory to supporters of abortion rights who argued it would have shuttered all but a handful of clinics in the state.

The 5-3 ruling is the most significant decision from the Supreme Court on abortion in two decades and could serve to deter other states from passing so-called "clinic shutdown" laws.
Shortly after the ruling, Clinton and Warren arrived together on stage in Cincinnati to deafening applause from the overflowing crowd. What was most striking to me was Elizabeth's undeniable and infectious enthusiasm in giving her endorsement. It's clear that she was absolutely over the moon to finally be standing next to Hillary and give her complete support. And of course, she once again decimated the Donald like no one else can.

A couple of things have changed as a result: One, the chances of a Clinton/Warren ticket just shot way up...rightly so. And two, Bernie who?

Watch the full rally above and feel good about today...because one major battle was won and another huge victory just got closer to reality this November.

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  1. You Go Girls... Knocked it Out Of the Park.. I've Never Been So Proud..Keep up the Good Work.. I've Been With you Hill For 8 Years.. You & Liz are a Great Team..Love Ya Both.