Thursday, June 2, 2016

Throwback Thursday: The Stirring Conclusion to Hillary Clinton's First Presidential Campaign (6/7/08)

Usually Throwback Thursday videos will not recall sad events...and this certainly was a pretty rough day for Hillary supporters everywhere (myself included). But this speech from June 7th, 2008 was undeniably great, and included some famous words that provided solace at the time and ring out louder today than ever before.
Although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it's got about 18 million cracks in it, and the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time.
My friends, that "next time" she spoke of eight years ago is about to be right now.

Are you ready?


  1. I wasn't able to see the foreign policy speech in real time, and so I just now watched it.

    This is a most brilliant speech, made in her voice, she must have written it herself, no fancy phrases, straight talk, nothing ambiguous, nothing ambivalent. Accessible but not reductionist. Trump is now toast.

    And it's a speech any of the fool Republicans might have given at any time, if they were smarter, they think they're as great on domestic policy as us, and they think they are as thoughtful about foreign policy, they even think they're prepared.

    That she gave this speech the exact same day Paul Ryan said he'd vote for the Donald must be making him wince.

    She took back patriotism for the Democrats and for all Americans and she removed it from the Republicans who are so cracked they'd vote for another obvious incompetent.

    If only Gore had said the same about Bush, if only Gore had put us first and did his damn bested to beat that future war criminal before he was provided with the keys and allowed to drive our military men and women into horrors.

    I love her.

    And she is big, not small, not thin skinned, never takes personal offense.

    I was shocked by Maddow last evening. Maddow showed the pranksters who took their shirts off at a Hillary rally (twice) and had joked about why they were voting for her, I thought they were funny, and I am thin skinned about Hillary, they were really funny.

    But Maddow thought Hillary ought to have hidden their 'contribution,' not laughed and then turned it to her own advantage by using them in an upbeat quirky campaign commercial. Maddow thinks she is stupid and didn't 'get' the 'insult,' proven to Maddow because, if she'd known they were probably for Bernie - Maddow made the point that she'd never seen them do their performance art in a Bernie rally - Hillary couldn't possibly have enjoyed it.

    I am not kidding, our own proudly gay Rachael thinks a woman should feel shame when she's made fun of, she should blush, not laugh.

    Maddow thinks Hillary could only laugh because she is so stupid she thought they were completely sincere, and she thinks Hillary now has egg on her face, oh the shame!

    Maybe Maddow is spending too much time with her good friend Greta Van Susteren, I think if she wants to hang with girl Republicans she should take the feminist one with humor who works for her station, Nicolle Wallace. Nicolle is smart and wry, and can see sexism when it hits her in the face.

    Maddow does not know Hillary, and Maddow is not as smart as I thought she was.

    Hillary doesn't do shame, she does do clever, and fun, and 'let's turn it around, see what it looks like from the Other side?' she also does 'counter-intutive' and in today's speech 'just speak truth?'

    Our Hillary is always ready to laugh at funny.

    And she doesn't care one fig why anyone votes for her as long as they vote for her, she knows if they don't think she's great at first, they'll be in for a happy surprise. Like a movie you heard wasn't very good, so you didn't expect to love it.

    1. I watched it twice...and it was even BETTER the second time! This speech was a masterpiece. I’m so proud of our Madam President!

  2. Replies
    1. I like her anyway, she's so school marm, and i like her scholarship, but she isn't very good at seeing smart, she underestimates Hillary, nearly always. One of the other MSNBC people said, well that's a speech, it'll be harder for her in a debate.

      they remind me of eels, supposedly if you cook eels and don't finish them, put the left-overs back in the refrigerator, they need to be cooked again the next day, they revert to uncooked.

      in psychology we call it neurotic surprise, as if she hasn't debated plenty and as if there were no 11-hour Benghazi Witch Trial, today is always the first day of their lives. Makes you wonder who is getting into journalism school these days, bunch of 'not Walter Lippmann's out there.