Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Well folks, that's all she wrote. In a perfect exclamation point to an amazing and historic evening, Hillary has solidly won "the big enchilada"! Bernie ran one hell of a race, but it's time for the party to unite around our incredible nominee.


  1. she'll keep that lead or expand it, the remaining votes are late mail-ins, and that was her message, as long as they are postmarked they'll be counted. So she'll get a larger popular vote when they complete the count and at least keep the margin between them.

    it was very sad to hear bernie shame himself, with no congratulations to her supporters and to women who have long waited for this moment, her speech was awe inspiring, and she shared it with us and was more than gracious to him, and he could not behave appropriately, he claimed her grace to him, she called him and was gracious to him. Very sad. His mother died when he was 17, maybe that was his trauma, and why he has to beat up on older women.

  2. Not surprising at all, I would rather let her win than Donald Trump. I have sought the expertise of research paper writing service online regarding the election and lets wait for the results.