Saturday, June 18, 2016

The BEST Kind of Breaking News: Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth to Baby Boy!

Tremendous, life-affirming news this morning.

Welcome to the world, Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky!
Hillary and Bill are "over the moon":
Congratulations to the Clinton and Mezvinsky families on this incredibly joyous occasion!

Charlotte and friends in 2014.


  1. I have a little friend named Aiden, he's nine now, but I met him when he was three. He would stop by with his mom from time to time, to pet my dog Jack.

    Even though he was only three he could tell I was having a hard time remembering his name.

    So he asked me, do you remember my name?

    And I had to admit that I didn't.

    He said, want to know how to remember it?

    And I said, sure.

    and he said, write it on a post-it.

    Aiden is a great name, they chose well.

  2. Agree, I love both Aiden and Charlotte as names.

  3. Aiden is the name of my great grandson who is one and Charlotte is the name of my youngest daughter she lives right out of DC (Pasadena Md) Glad everything is fine and congratulations all of you

  4. Congratulations to Chelsea and Marc on the arrival of their new little boy, Aiden. I bet his big sister Charlotte will be spoiling him like crazy until he get big enough to get into her stuff. :) Welcome to the world Aiden! :)

  5. Congratulations to Chelsea and Marc on their new arrival. Of course, congratulations also go to G'Ma Hillary Clinton and Pop Pop Bill Clinton

  6. So happy for the Clintons and Mezvinskys! It's quite the big deal that Grandma is running for President of the United States at this beautiful stage in her life! What a life Hillary has lead - I so admire her.

  7. Congrats to the Clinton and Mezvinskys family ...I am so Thankful Hillary is running for President. And yes Chelsea & Marc God BLess you and your family. I have followed Hillarys career for a long time now, and Bill Clinton was a wonderful President we in America had plenty of money when he was President.

  8. This was a great excuse for not coming to San Antonio. Mazeltov