Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Thank God For Hillary

(Barbara Kinney/Hillary for America)

As the past year, months, weeks and days have shown us with escalating intensity, this truly is a difficult and uneasy time for our beloved republic.

It feels more and more like we're reaching undeniable pivot point in our history, when the choice between continuing toward the peaceful light or retreating into fearful darkness could not be more clear. And when I think about what's at stake...our liberties, our values, our happiness, our very lives...four words keep popping up in my mind:

Thank God for Hillary.

This could be taken as genuine thankfulness to an unknowable higher power for putting such a person on the planet right when we need her the most. Or perhaps it's simply a nonreligious sigh of relief that this incredibly strong woman stands in the way of a repugnant sociopath gaining access to nuclear weapons and instituting hate as national policy.

Whatever the case, we're very lucky to have Hillary Clinton fighting for us at this moment.

And remember: She didn't have to take on this awesome responsibility. It was a choice.

Hillary has learned firsthand over the past 25 years how difficult it is to run for president and how overwhelming the job is if you succeed. But she chose to do it anyway.

She could have easily passed on this massive challenge and comfortably lived these years writing books, working with her family foundation, and making some money on the paid speaking circuit without controversy along with other former Secretaries of State. And no one would have blamed her if she did. But instead, she chose to brave the incoming assault once again because her party, her country and the world needed her.

I don't know how she finds new strength every morning to resume this exhausting battle with love and kindness as her sword and shield, but again...thank God she does.

Perhaps this famous Methodist Church motto, which was the basis of a moving Morgan Freeman-narrated ad from earlier this year, is key to understanding her:

“Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.”

She is indeed the living embodiment of these words, and perhaps that's what "Thank God for Hillary" really means: She took the best values of her church to heart as a child, carries them with her to this day, and we're all benefiting as a result.

Devout believers, committed atheists and everyone in-between...rejoice!



  1. it feels like that to me, as much as it did back in '08, following bush and we were really lucky the guy who ran against her then was Barack and turned out was great too, and they made friends. the Democrats haven't always been so both smart and nice. I was a fan of LBJ and Tip and I liked Carter fine but he was in over his head, nice wasn't enough, and a few who would have been good if they'd known how to win, but Gore was awful, with Lieberman and distancing from Bill and preferring to lose with grace than to do all he could to save us from W. And Kerry left with a surplus, I gave him way more than I could afford, and he didn't even spend it, and he had to go windsurfing, and let his wife give the 'i love myself so much' speech at the convention, he just refused to see how it looked. And refused to defend himself over the swift-boarding, those were the two dynasty candidates, soft on themselves, and no fire in their bellies, caring more about their postures than about winning for us.

    Bill kept fighting, Barack put together a campaign that was ruthless and Hillary is right there she will not let us down, she'll win or give it all trying. Well, she'll win but if she had to give it all, she wouldn't think twice.

    which reminds me, when Barack asked her to be SOS and she politely refused, thinking he thought he had to and didn't really want her, I blogged that he should let her know the nation needs her, and to keep on asking and that she would say yes, she can't say no to duty. It's her Achille's heel.

    1. Oh yeah, that reminds me...thank God for Barack too!

      I have to wonder if the Methodist quote ringing around in her head was what finally pushed to answer "yes" to becoming Obama's SoS. It wouldn't surprise me.

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