Monday, June 13, 2016

State of the Race: 148 Days To Go

The Final Clinton/Sanders Contest: The District of Columbia primary is tomorrow, which will likely result in a decisive landslide for Hillary. Also tomorrow, Sanders will be meeting with Clinton one-on-one to "press her on her policy positions and decide whether he can support her".
"I simply want to get a sense of what kind of platform she will be supporting, whether she will be vigorous in standing up for working families and the middle class, moving aggressively in climate change, healthcare for all, making public colleges and universities tuition-free," Sanders said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "And after we have that kind of discussion and after we can determine whether or not we are going to have a strong and progressive platform, I will be able to make other decisions."
"Well, I don't think Hillary Clinton can lead a political revolution...but I think if Hillary Clinton is smart —and she certainly is smart — she will understand that good public policy, taking on the big money interests and standing up for working families, standing up for the environment, standing up for clean water, is, in fact, good politics.”

I know Bernie has already lost and we need to unite very soon and all that, but since we have one more day left in this Democratic contest, I just need to say one more thing: The rock star crowds have clearly gone to Bernie's head and he really needs to get over himself with the "revolution" business. Yes, it's great that he got lots of people to come to his rallies and get excited, but he simply couldn't translate that into enough actual votes to win. Conversely, I would argue that it's Hillary who is already leading a victorious political revolution...for women. Also, I'm pretty sure that Hillary "CHIP" Clinton already knows that "good public policy" is "good politics" and doesn't need anyone to explain it to her at this point, but thanks for the last minute condescension!

*It's almost over, Scott...just breathe.*

Clinton Retakes the Lead vs Trump: I'd like to see a few more post-California/Obama endorsement polls not from the likes of Rasmussen and Fox News, but this is looking pretty good so far:

Considering how the last few weeks have generally gone, I'm really wondering if we're about to see Hillary's lead explode in the coming days. In fact, I'm gonna go ahead and predict that the poll averages will have her leading Trump by 8-10 points within a couple of weeks...perhaps even more if Bernie gives an early endorsement. I promise to follow up on this prediction soon and freely admit if I'm wrong!

The First General Election Ad: On a tough day like this, I can just let this one speak for itself.


  1. I had an upsetting event today, I went for a routine medical check-up and saw a new doctor, who asked about my life and I mentioned that I was into the politics, and he said he was for Bernie, and I said well it's over, and he said it wasn't. I say, there is arithmetic but he goes right on, said he'd have voted for Warren but the fact that Warren asked Hillary to run and just endorsed Hillary didn't sway him at all, he got one of those bernie looks, stubborn denial of reality and heavy into crazy.

    This is seriously scary. An MD, and a decent man who has worked in under-served communities is irrational and uninformed and amazingly rude, for the sake of Bernie, the guy who had the war protestors arrested and who called the first viable girl unqualified.

    I can't blame that on Bernie, I blame that entirely on sanctimonious fools who can't think and are so certain and so stupidly partisan they have to spread their crazy on their own patients. i paid for that time, and I didn't volunteer it, he said he wanted to get to know me and what was I interested in.

    So I had to be the adult, as usual. It's always her supporters who have to tread softly because his are so rude and nuts.

    I really wonder who is getting into medical school, were't exactly the insults I'd expected from a medical doctor.

    1. That's crazy! Sorry to hear that. Honestly, it feels like everyone is losing their goddamn minds right now. Hopefully Bernie's endorsement will help, but even THAT won't convince plenty of people. They're just too far gone, stuck at the dead end and refusing to turn around. Sad!

    2. thanks, he can't have known I was hunted and bagged at DK and am totally sick of it all, the condescension, the insults and being cut off from my friends over there. And he is the sort of person I generally would admire, usually, someone who worked for others and not just himself. But they're like religious fanatics, and they don't get how creepy it is.

      It was just awful hearing that, from a guy who was listening to my heartbeat and checking my blood pressure, and supposedly a professional.

      In my profession I've met with Trump supporters and stayed not just neutral but respectful, you never know what anyone is going through and we're all most vulnerable when needing help.

      I am not going to turn him in, I have no wish to embarrass him. but it's mostly a girl thing, empathy, remembering our own ouchers, always the tolerant road, always not wanting to hurt or embarrass the other one.

      I don't see that big a difference between his people and Trump's, only his are more judgmental and righteously better than the rest of us, while some very sweet people are Republican.

  2. Let me guess: He still thinks Bernie will flip super delegates. Even Bernie isn't talking about that anymore. BTW, it sounds like Bernie is setting himself up to endorse Hillary by pretending he made her adopt a progressive platform, even though she already has one. That way he can tell his hardcore supporters he got "concessions."

    Still, he just can't stop being condescending, can he?

    1. Yeah..."I'm gonna make sure that she knows that good policy is good politics before I endorse her". Ugh! Enough!

    2. I suspect he thought, with Jane, that she may be indicted. But now I feel more forgiving, they are children, believe in innocence, and why not, in this world, let them have it a bit longer.

    3. and it is condescending, and icky, that is Bernie, his self-importance isn't hidden. I'd like to be the fly on the wall in that exchange, she does know diplomacy but he does not, I doubt subtle will get through to him. And he can't drop out and continue to raise funds so for sure he'll want his campaign debt paid off, and that's a blank check, goodness knows what he may owe.

  3. Many, I don't know how many, of these persistent Sanders' supporters, weren't Sanders' supporters at all. They were always going to vote for the republican. For the vast majority of democrats that feel that being a democrat means something, we've gotten our candidate, and nearly all of the remainder respected Hillary, even if we didn't want to vote for her. But the virulence, the madness of the hate for Hillary, seen in so many popular venues and chat-rooms, is typical of republicans hiding their identity, or "democrats" for whom party means nearly nothing.

    1. for sure many of them were against Hillary long before Sanders sang to them, but some of them are really young and idealistic and they believe he's been cheated, that in a fair race he could not lose. Hillary campaigned for McGovern, so did I, but I don't recall McGovern running his opponents down, smearing their character and calling bad faith.