Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Roadtripping for Hillary: A Summer GOTV Adventure

(A regular Hillary HQ contributor could use your help in helping Hillary win in the swing states. This is money well spent, particularly if you're maxed out on your donations already! -Scott)

Guest post by violining247

Now that some of the details are a bit more solidified, I’m thrilled to announce to the Daily Kos crowd that I have been approved for a one-month leave of absence from work to go volunteer on the Hillary Clinton campaign this summer! Starting July 1, I will be embarking on a 4,000-mile GOTV journey across most of the eastern swing states. I’ll start off heading south into North Carolina, then up through Virginia, Pennsylvania, and into New Hampshire. After that, I’ll head back west and hit Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa. I have it all planned so I avoid Ohio altogether during the Republican convention (I do hope Cleveland is still standing when I get there...), but I’m planning to be there the following week so I can watch Hillary’s convention speech with some of my dearest Democratic friends.

While on the road, I will spend a couple of days in each state helping wherever they need me, whether with voter registration, canvassing, or phone banking. Regardless of the exact task, I intend to talk to as many voters as possible about what’s at stake in November and help lay the groundwork for what will hopefully be a big win for Hillary and Team Blue on November 8, up and down ballot. I want the Senate AND the House!

Since this is going to be such a unique, once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity, I will post updates for the Daily Kos crowd as much as I can from the road. I can’t promise every day, but I will definitely share stories and lessons learned along the way. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have a chance to get to another rally with Hillary or one of the other big-time players on Team Blue...Warren anyone? I also hope to meet some of you lovely Kossacks along the way. If I’m coming through your state, let’s go register some voters together!

**Anyway here’s the big ask:** I am going to minimize expenses as much as possible by borrowing a friend’s car, staying with fellow volunteers and friends/family as much as possible, and eating cheap. Even so, a month on the road covering 4,000 miles comes with a pretty substantial set of expenses including gas, food, and other incidentals (e.g., tolls), etc. On top of that, three weeks of my leave from work are going to be entirely unpaid. If you’d like to help fund this trip and vicariously be a part of it all, I would so, so appreciate any donations through my GoFundMe page. Whether it’s $5 or $500 (or even $27!), every little bit will help defray costs, and I would be eternally grateful. Any donations above and beyond the asking amount of $1,200 will go to the Hillary Victory Fund and/or downballot races. Feel free to share if you know other people that might be interested in donating, too. In exchange, I promise I will work my heart out, “leave it all on the court,” and leave no vote behind as we gear up for the general election. Let’s do this!

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