Monday, June 6, 2016

Pinch Me

Guest post by Lin Farley

It’s Saturday. I am sitting at the computer about to jump in the car to run a bunch of errands. I spy one more Hillary commentary, and as I read hits me: On Tuesday, she will be the first female nominee in American history of a major political party. Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party standard bearer. I begin weeping. It is going to happen. Nothing thrown at her by the Kochs, the media, the Benghazi goons, or Bernie has stopped her. She is Hillary: The Nominee.

I have contributed to her campaign, a big deal for me as I am a notorious penny pincher. And unlike 2008 I have not blogged for her. But, unlike then, I didn’t have to. She has so many articulate supporters now. People who write, who see her, who know her, who have moved into her corner.

And she has matured as a candidate. If you are a Hillary watcher, as I am, you cannot be less than awed by her ability to grow and change and meet the challenges that come her way. She is a 1,000 percent better candidate this time than she was last time. I still sometimes want to say, “Stop! Wait for it, let them clap!“ And she doesn’t. She rushes on, stifling the applause. But she has so much to say. She wants to reach every one of us. She can’t wait.

In all the debates, and I watched every one, there were times when I wanted to bite Bernie's index finger off. I wanted her to roar at him. I wanted her to turn on the bombast too. But she didn’t. She chose not to. This is Hillary. She is civil, even when it hurts. And she will stay the course long after it hurts. She will also come back every time with a zinger or two.

I cannot believe my good fortune to be alive when this woman will become the Democratic Party standard bearer. The dreams of the Suffragettes animate my waking thoughts. It is going to happen. We are entering the staging area when, in a few months, the first Woman President of the United States will become a reality.

Little girls and little boys, teenagers of every sex, female prostitutes to sex goddesses to movie stars, black mothers and white mothers, lady cops and female members of the armed services. It can never, ever be the same for you—or me. We will rise as she does. We will bask in her success. Nothing, absolutely nothing about being a female in this society will ever be the same again.

And she will be a good president. How can a woman whose heroes include her own mother and Eleanor Roosevelt not succeed? She cares! And she aims to help. Hillary also knows the importance of keeping us safe. If the Republic is in trouble, faltering, on the verge of becoming an oligarchy, we have elected the woman who (like FDR) will roll back the tide of greed and self-interest.

As she explained in her Wellesley doctoral dissertation: Saul Alinskly is all well and good, but if you want widespread, systemic change you have to legislate it. Government service is how to transform society.

And so she has done her part. But get ready: She is about to have her way with us on a whole new level.

Hillary Clinton in a matter of days will become mythic. The woman is still there, but she is about to become bigger than life, larger than history. This is the woman who, when she puts her hand on the Bible and swears the oath of office of President of the United States, will bring America into the 21st Century.

Thank you Universe for letting me live to see it.

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  1. me too, it hit me when I was watching the PR returns, and thinking, I know how it ends, why the excitement? And it's that, Tuesday it will be real. The first girl major party candidate, and it's Hillary, and it's been such a slog for her, and she did it anyway, for me, for us, and it's the beginning.