Friday, June 3, 2016

New Mexico Poll: Clinton Leads Sanders by 25 Points

News flash! California may be a huge and important state, but it's far from the only state voting on June 7th.

In between poll closings in New Jersey and California that evening, New Mexico's results will start rolling in. And here's what the situation there looks like, according to the latest poll:

Hillary Clinton 53.3%
Bernie Sanders 27.6%
Undecided 19.0%

That's quite a lot of undecideds, so it's quite possible that the gap will decrease. Then again, maybe it won't! And Clinton leads with every demographic group, including ideology:
Progressives: Hillary is ahead 51%-36% with 13% undecided.
Liberals: Clinton leads 70%-25% with 5% undecided.
Moderates: Clinton is ahead 57%-29% with 14% undecided.
Conservatives: Clinton leads 43%-33% with 24% undecided
Running against a democratic socialist in New Mexico, Hillary's numbers among conservatives are the worst! Okay, sure, whatever...just throw it on the ever-growing pile of crazy nonsensical things about 2016.


  1. I voted today, got it in the mailbox before the noon pickup, Elvis Presley stamped. Second time I have had the honor to vote for Hillary, third time's the charm.

    1. it's nice we back the only candidate we can be proud of, nothing sleazy, nothing back-biting, pure do your best, leave it better than you found it, no-ego Hillary.

  2. Is it possible it's the do-nothings, that they've driven conservatives to reason?