Wednesday, June 1, 2016

MILESTONE: Hillary HQ Now Has Over 25,000 Fans on Facebook!

Bartender...time for a celebratory drink!
When Hillary HQ began in January 2015, three months before Clinton entered the race, we had zero Facebook followers (aka "likes"). But that's okay...everybody has to start somewhere.

It took about a year to reach 5,000 followers, and that was terrific!

From there, it only took about three months to reach the 10,000 follower mark. Simply amazing!

But then something really crazy started happening: In just over a month since then, we've already surpassed the staggering, unbelievable mark of 25,000 likes! Not only that, but our growth has exploded like never before over the past week alone, and if this keeps up, we are well on track to surpass the 50,000(!) or even 75,000(!!) mark by the time Hillary is nominated in Philadelphia!

Luck? Momentum? More voters paying attention to the race? Our awesome readers and sharers? Hard work paying off? Divine intervention? A little of each? You tell us, but we're over the moon that Hillary HQ has become the most essential hub for news, opinion and activism in support of Clinton anywhere on the Internet!

Maybe this is a good time for a quick fundraising update (as of 8:30pm ET on 6/1):

As many of you know, up until about a month ago I ran Hillary HQ the best I could while holding down an often-demanding office job. But since April 29th, I've been running it full-time, allowing me to take all aspects of the site to the next level. And thanks to you, we exceeded 25% of our total grassroots fundraising goal in just the first few days! The reason I haven't been mentioning the fundraising very much since then is simply because I don't want to keep bugging everyone all the time about it! After all, this is about Hillary...not me. However, to stay on target for the year, I'm hoping to reach the halfway mark by the time the Democratic National Convention rolls around in late July.

Your support makes it all possible. So if you enjoy and rely on Hillary HQ here and on Facebook or Twitter, even a one-time suggested donation of $16 would help keep us going full-time through the election and beyond. Oh yeah...and keep it 100% ad-free! (And is that refreshing nowadays or what?)

Among other things, the new phase of the site has resulted in the most articles ever posted in the space of a month, including these popular May items:

-BERNIE! She Beat You, Okay? With VOTES!

-Senator Sanders: Step Up or Get Out

-Do Yourself a Favor and Ignore Quinnipiac's Lousy "Shock Polls"

-#BernieOrBust? Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky and Bill Maher Have Some Advice For You

Once again, to all our readers, sharers, commenters and grassroots supporters...THANK YOU!

This success is only possible because of you...and the best is yet to come!

Click HERE to make a donation to Hillary HQ at

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