Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jeff Weaver Can't Go Away Fast Enough

Let there be no doubt anymore: Bernie's campaign manager is, was and always shall be the worst.

Is there anyone more responsible for the continuing divisiveness in the Democratic primary than Jeff Weaver? After watching this amazing exchange with Chris Matthews and national progressive hero Barney Frank, I'm pretty sure there isn't. In particular, pay attention to his childish and insulting remark after Barney finishes speaking at the 4:15 mark. Very revealing:

Tough question: What does it say about Bernie Sanders that he would choose a rude and destructive jerk like this to run a national campaign and be his main media surrogate? I'm not sure. All I know is that I've completely had it with this guy.

After Hillary wins the nomination, Jeff Weaver can't leave my TV and go back to running his small-town comic book store fast enough.


  1. Is Weaver leading Bernie by his kahunas...or is it the other way around?? Add Jane in and you have one hot mess!!

    1. Sadly, I fear we'll have to keep dealing with all of them...all the way til the convention.

    2. very likely and I fear it's the usual reason, money, if he suspends he can't keep fund-raising, and when he stops it'll be clear how deeply he is in debt and he'll have to pay back the illegal donations right away or face criminal charges, so the campaign would then have to borrow and pay it back on interest, it's not like owing vendors.