Monday, June 6, 2016


BREAKING: We don't have to wait for New Jersey after all. According to the Associated Press, Hillary Clinton has received the 2383 delegates required to clinch the 2016 Democratic nomination!



  1. I could not be prouder of my candidate, my party, or our shared hopes and aspirations for a better future for all Americans. Onward to November and Victory.

  2. Better future? She is a scam. The worst crook there is. It is a a NO and another no. A cheat, a professional scam artist and woman or not I do not want her as our president. She won bought electoral votes which should no longer exist anyway. Bernie Sanders won the peoples vote. This is crap.

    1. you, poor fool, have been sold a bill of right wing sexist 'goods,' and can't stop yourself from attempting to piss on my dream, for reasons that hold no water and are only small and nasty and creepy.

      Crawl back under your rock, yon dupe at no personal risk, the world is about to be improved and you bought a ticket to a show that closed and can't pay their vendors.

      move on, this is a place for joy, not ashes.

  3. So very proud to witness this and even on my birthday! It is about time we have chosen an individual who is so very qualified! The fact that Hillary and her supporters are being attacked by so called members of our own party at any time is ridiculous. It doesn't makenyou smarter, it means you were taken in by Republican propaganda. I'm so happy and proud to be an American at this moment.

  4. i thought they'd hold back, but I guess they could not and I am glad they could not keep themselves from admitting they are for her her her, as am I

    thank you Hillary, for fighting for what matters, progressive that gets stuff done, and then tries to get more done, and then more, and then tweak it to make it better, and then again, and again

    thank you

  5. Feel the Bern, down with Hilliary.

    1. bernie agrees, he thinks the fact that he won't release his tax returns means she has something to hide.

      He thinks the fact that he's taken illegal donations from foreign sources means the Clinton Foundation isn't helping people all over the world.

      He thinks the fact that she's far ahead of him means she cheated, otherwise how to explain?

      But what I think he really really thinks is if he drops out he'll have to stop fundraising and thinks fundraising to retire his debt won't bring in quite so much.

      And he thinks maybe if he's toxic enough and can claim to take his bots with him, she'll agree to pay off his debt.

      But, she won't, so he'll stay toxic, which he probably would anyway, he isn't a man who likes to be beaten by girls and he's not one to keep his word either. When he said he would not go negative he meant he'd wait until Biden announced he wasn't running. And what he meant when he said his first priority was defeating Trump is only the great bernie sanders can beat Trump because his voters won't vote for Hillary (so he keeps smearing to make sure they know who to blame, plus it also gets him donations) and if the foolish Democrats refuse to heed his warning, and stick with the will of the voters, they have only themselves to blame, he'll have done his best to beat Hillary, what more could anyone expect, donate here.?

      But we know he knows how it will end, because he isn't even trying to get the supers to switch, the lazy sod, his campaign manager admitted they have yet to start contacting any super-delegates and making his case, so it's really only about the money, since he already knows they won't switch he won't expend any resources asking them to, he'll just keep on fund-raising by smearing until the convention and then he'll probably go third party, so he can continue smearing and fund-raising, with the vain hope he can keep the over-the-limit donations that way. But saying it'll be because she can't beat donald anyway, hell be keeping his revolution against the DNC alive so he can run against Trump in 2020, and correct that wrong, when he's 78, (but the real reason will be fund-rasing, he's found his calling)

      feel the burn

  6. Not surprising at all, I just hope the people will vote someone who will make our country a better place to stay. With less corruption and war. Let us learn from the experience of people who write my essay for me cheap to vote for politicians who are responsible and not corrupt.