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Hillary News & Views 6/24/16: Business Endorsements, Fact-Checking Trump, and the Supreme Court

(Just because I loved this moment of the Benghazi hearing and it should always be remembered)

Guest post by violining247

Good morning, everyone! Here’s the latest in Hillary-related news:
Hillary pulls in ever-more endorsements, this time from the business community.
A group of major business leaders endorsed Hillary Clinton on Thursday in the wake of back-to-back speeches extolling her economic vision and slamming that of her opponent, Donald Trump.
The list includes current and former executives from General Motors, Delta Air Lines, Costco, Airbnb and Alphabet, the parent company for online search giant Google.
Among the highest-profile names on the list are Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson, a businessman and part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Other sports team owners on the list include Washington Capitals and Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, as well as Laura Ricketts, the lone liberal in the famously conservative Ricketts family that owns the Chicago Cubs.
Huh. 2016 is a pretty unusual year...maybe Ricketts’ support for Clinton combined with the Cubs having an abnormally promising season will be the magic recipe to break The Curse and get us our first female POTUS to boot? We shall see!
Meanwhile, the media is still busily fact-checking the Donald’s utterly fact-free speech from earlier in the week. Salon seems to be coming back to earth somewhat and has taken on what they see as the 5 biggest lies from our Favorite Cheeto. As a sampling, here is one of those big lies and its subsequent debunking:
1. On Foreign Policy:
“It all started with her bad judgment in supporting the war in Iraq in the first place. Though I was not in government service, I was among the earliest to criticize the rush to war, and yes, even before the war ever started. But Hillary Clinton learned nothing from Iraq, because when she got into power, she couldn’t wait to rush us off to war in Libya.”
This claim has been debunked time and time again. While Clinton certainly voted to authorize the war in Iraq, there is no evidence that Trump criticized it “before the war ever started.” In 2002, Trump offered tepid support for the war in an interview with radio host Howard Stern. Immediately after the invasion again, Trump told Fox’s Neil Cavuto the war “looks like a tremendous success” from a military standpoint.
Trump did speak out against the war in July 2004—a full 16 months after the war began. Pressed on these facts by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Trump promised to provide evidence of opposition to the war, saying:
“No, no, but I was against it from before it started. And if you go back and look at that interview, and I’ll get it for you if you want, but that interview was substantially before the war started. It was the first time I was ever asked the question. And even that, it wasn’t like, oh yeah, we should go in. It was a very, like yeah, maybe.”
Tapper told Trump he’d “love” to see evidence of Trump’s vocal opposition to the war. So far, that wish seems to remain unfulfilled.
Yesterday, two rulings came down from the Supreme Court, Texas vs. United States Fisher vs. University of Texas. The Clinton campaign commentary on the former:
Today’s deadlocked Supreme Court decision in Texas v. United States is a heartbreaking setback for families at risk of being torn apart by deportation.
The DACA and DAPA programs together granted deportation protections to millions of undocumented immigrants who were either brought to the United States as children or have children who are U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents.
Today’s decision means these programs will continue to be barred by the lower courts, and leaves the fate of immigration reform in the hands of the next president. And the visions of the two candidates are radically different.
And a bilingual set of tweets from Hillary and her team:

Today's heartbreaking  immigration ruling could tear apart 5 million families facing deportation. We must do better. -H

Today's heartbreaking  immigration ruling could tear apart 5 million families facing deportation. We must do better. -H
Desgarradora decisión de  de inmigración podría separar 5 millones de familias en riesgo de deportación. Tenemos que hacer más.
Better yet, Hillary has restated her vow to take action on comprehensive immigration reform in her first 100 days in office.

HRC tells @Telemundo that the SCOTUS ruling doesn't change her immig plans, reaffirms comprehensive immigration reform in first 100 days.
In happier news, the Fisher case was cause for celebration, as it upheld affirmative action at UT Austin:

The Supreme Court's Fisher decision is a win for us all. The doors to higher education should be open to every American, not just some. -H
The Supreme Court’s decision today in Fisher v. University of Texasis a win for all Americans. It means that universities can continue to make diversity and inclusion central goals of their admissions processes, and means our college campuses will continue to be places where young adults of all backgrounds can learn from each other.
Having a student body with diverse experiences and perspectives breaks down barriers, enriches academia, and prepares our young people to be leaders and citizens in our increasingly diverse country. We need to guarantee that the doors to higher education are open not just to some, but to all—and that we are giving students equal opportunities to succeed and thrive. Today’s Supreme Court decision affirms a basic truth about our country: we are stronger together.
In celebration of an earlier legal victory, Hillary also put out a Tweet of support for Title IX.

44 years since  passed, truer than ever: All students deserve equal opportunity, no matter their gender.
Finally, after what may have been one of the most remarkable showings of Democratic solidarity, yesterday, the House Democrats temporarily ended their sit-in for action on gun safety
Civil rights icon and Georgia Rep. John Lewis declared victory Thursday as he and the other Democrats who staged a revolt in the House of Representatives over gun policy reform suspended their nearly 26-hour sit-in in the Capitol.
While they failed to get the Republicans to vote on two controversial gun control bills, Lewis said they got the point across to the American people.
"By sitting in, we're really standing up for the rest of America," Lewis said a little after 1 p.m. "It's not a struggle that lasts for one day, one week, one month, one year."
Eventually, Lewis said, those who favor gun policy reforms will win.
In response, Hillary sent out a personal note of thanks to the Democratic house members.

Thank you, . Your determination has exposed Republican inaction on gun violence and demanded better. We can't give up. -H
Regardless, we will keep fighting and keep the pressure up on the NRA and the congress critters who do their bidding.
And as a bit of an addendum, there was the Brexit vote, the results of which were rolling in as I was writing this up. Please discuss amongst yourselves...from the looks of it it seems the UK is really going to try this “Leave” thing...crazy times! Would appreciate any on-the-ground commentary from our UK folks here in BusVille. Thanks all, and have a lovely day/weekend!
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