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Hillary News & Views 6.10: Forward to the General Election (150 Days to Go)

June 7, 2016: The end of something wonderful and the beginning of something wonderful.

Guest post by jabberwoky

Today’s Hillary News & Views is the official start to covering the General Election —only 150 days to GOTV.  

Shattered Glass Alert!
Here are some articles about the latest happenings on and off the campaign trail, including inspiring words, thoughts and memes from across the spectrum of HRC supporters and political commentators.  Lets continue our work to elect this remarkable woman and provide a space for her supporters to come together to discuss the days events, policy and news in a welcoming and convivial environment.
​​​​Sen. Bernie Sanders
First Off the burning question — will Sen. Sanders concede before next Tuesday?  The short answer is no he will not but it is not as bad as it seems.  Looks like he wants to wrap up after D.C. votes and looks forward to working with HRC.  I have included the video of his speech and each person can make their own judgement call.
I have to tell you that there were a few clips of Bernie yesterday where I actually felt bad for him.  I am heartened by stories that he is starting to feel good about the space he is in and what he has accomplished.  Despite some reports of his not backing down at his rally last night, I hope to see him as an active and positive campaigner for HRC in the future and am trying to cut him some slack for the next week or two.
POTUS Endorsement
On the heels of Bernie giving his remarks President Obama endorsed HRC.  The timing was a complete surprise to me and I think most people who were not expecting it until next Tuesday night or Wednesday at the earliest.  Made me very, very happy that he was so emphatic in his endorsement and that he also had gracious words acknowledgement for the strong campaign Bernie had (is) running.
“So I want those of you who’ve been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that I’m with her. I am fired up, and I cannot wait to get out there and campaign for Hillary. ​President Barack Obama
HRC responded as follows
They already have a campaign event scheduled for next week that has WI buzzing.  If you are in the area here is where you can find out all the details.

Want to be a part of history? Text WI to 47246 to get more info on@POTUS and @HillaryClinton's visit on Wednesday!
And the Rest of the Gang
​VP Joe Biden has also been widely regarded as endorsing HRC last night- although it is not wrapped up quite as nicely as PBO’s.  Here is an excerpt from a CNN report quoting his speech at the American Constitution Society.
Anybody who thinks that whoever the next president is -- and God willing, in my view, it will be Secretary Clinton," Vice-President Joe Biden
Here is the speech but I will be honest, I have not watched it all and am not sure at what point the “endorsement” came from but I know it is in there — somewhere.
Although I could find not formal statement of endorsement issued by VP Biden, apparently more will be forthcoming per
A widely anticipated endorsement came from another awesome woman last night. 
"I'm ready. I am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for Hillary Clinton to become the next president of the United States — and to make sure that Donald Trump never gets anyplace close to the White House," Sen. Elizabeth Warren
and we all know what part of the interview this tweet is about-lol
By request, here is the video of Elizabeth Warren’s speech last night at the same event as Joe Biden.
In case anyone missed it, the Veepstakes are in full swing (and it looks like EW is auditioning to me)and I am sure that this quote from HRC in a new Politico article will fuel the dreams of many:
"I have the highest regard for Sen. Warren," she said in an interview with POLITICO. "I think she is an incredible public servant, eminently qualified for any role. I look forward to working with her on behalf of not only the campaign and her very effective critique of Trump, but also on the issues that she and I both care about."
Another endorsement came in from a political rival for the nomination Thursday afternoon.  I would have preferred a more robust endorsement but perhaps that is asking too much.  He must have heard my complaints because he did come out with a slightly warmer tweet 14 minutes later. I think Martin O’Malley knows that he is not being considered for VP.

For the future of the country, I am committing my energies to the election of Secretary Clinton as the next President. 

The stakes are far too high for the untested hands of@realDonaldTrump. America needs a tried and true leader. Hillary is that leader. #2016
Twitter War
Twitter was afire yesterday over two tweets.  It started after PBO’s awesome and eloquent endorsement of HRC.  Not to be out-done, the silver-fingered Donald took to Twitter with a laughable put down that put all his big words and small thoughts on display.

Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!
The HRC campaign responded with 3 words and that was enough.
Some fantastic Twitter responses can be found at Blue Nation Review here —
I also love the new definitions that were entered into Urban Dictionary for “Delete Your Account”


Priorities USA: Trumpthumping
As a last note and as this is the kick off for the HNV GE series I wanted to include some of the new anti-Trump ads that have made a recent appearance.   I will start with what are sure to become classics (and perhaps even Clio awards winners-lol) and end with the two newest — most are only 15 seconds long.  The last two look the same but are different.
Random Stories and Articles
For a fun peek of a newspaper covers  take a look at Elizabeth Chan’s  How the nation’s newspapers are commemorating Hillary Clinton securing the Democratic nomination   ​
Paul Krugman has an interesting opinion piece in the NYTs this morning called Hillary and the Horizontals.  Mr. Krugman asserts that the GE race will not be based on policy but identity.
Also in the NYTs today is an opinion piece by Timothy Egan cunningly entitled Lord of the Lies.  Here he advocates for instant fact checkers at debates and calls Donald Trump the Mount Everest of liars.
​Fareed Zakaria has a piece in the WaPo today asking Can Hillary Clinton win?  It is a short and not hugely detailed article that looks at past prediction models in Presidential races.  This article will not satisfy serious stats armchair scholars but for someone less numbers driven (like moi), it was a short and interesting read.
Have you ever wondered why all the good stories re your candidate come out only AFTER they have won?  Jeff Guo has a good read in the WaPo on hindsight bias called Of course Hillary Clinton won.
Sally Kohn also had a piece in the WaPo yesterday The case for Hillary Clinton, by a Bernie voter.  Sally is not always my favourite commentator but the last paragraph talking about her 7 year old daughter Willa made me once again teary-eyed.
As I tucked her late in the evening, after a night of excitement, Willa threw her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to dream about being president, too.” Suddenly that possibility isn’t just a dream anymore. That’s worth celebrating.
Hillary Quotes
The worst thing that can happen in a democracy - as well as in an individual's life - is to become cynical about the future and lose hope. Hillary Clinton
Let Us Never Get Cynical. Let Us Never Lose Hope. Let Us Get Out The Vote.
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  1. krugman's piece was brilliant, it was between individualists who denied the force of group barriers and worse, and those who get it.

    I don't feel sorry for Bernie though, he isn't a child, he knew what he was doing, he just thought he was right, probably will always think he's right. No one had to invent misogyny, and no has to use it either. Barack did not in the 2008 race, he wasn't always nice but he was mostly nice, and he always meant to be nice. He had his own impassioned supporters, some of whom morphed into bots for bernie.

    This primary has been useful for exposing racism and identity politics. Social science in action.

    But Barack set the stage, he was the one that gave the Republicans all the rope they wanted, which they used to hang themselves with and open their hearts to Donald. If it was a carbuncle before, it was unhidden with Obama and popped with his supreme court nominee. These are grownups too, and yet they colluded in delegitimizing Barack far more destructively then Donald with his birtherism. Donald made it tackier, that's all.

    And that's why I do not pity Bernie, he sought to delegitimize Hillary, unqualified, in bed with wall street, nothing he used on any other man because he knew the identity politics wouldn't follow him to men. She is not the first woman he's tried to destroy. He accused her of calling him a sexist when she pointed out that she wasn't shouting and he fund-raised on that, which gave him his base and his donor list. At the time I bought his explanation, it was his generic stump speech and he wasn't answering her, it was just a coincidence, he said, but after so many explanations, it's no longer compelling. The insiders claim that her calling him out on his gun votes is what changed him to negative, not that Biden announced he would not run and so he could start his real campaign, they said he was upset that she called into question his judgement, as if just disagreeing wasn't possible. Which means to Bernie she hadn't the right to disagree, and that is identity politics.

    I say this not to bash Sanders, but because it's identity politics, if you think each person already has the same chance, that means those who fall behind deserve it, because no one starts behind and is kept behind by forces beyond an individual's control. It makes sense of his passion, and it is useful information, a useful frame for denial of difference.