Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hillary News & Views 06.22.16: It's the economy, people.

Guest post by rugbymom

Good morning from London, where it’s grey with light rain (it’s London, in other words). I’m enjoying reheated leftovers (a “mild” Channa Masala curry) from the South Indian restaurant where friends took me last night. Everyone here is nervously awaiting tomorrow’s Brexit vote. The “Remain” campaigners have been out in full force especially during rush hour, worried because the polling shows it too close to call. They blame the tabloids for stirring up “Leave” sentiment which otherwise, they think, would be as unpopular as, well, Donald Trump. The ballots will be counted by hand, BTW, using large teams of volunteers working through the night.
On to Hillary news — The big story from yesterday is Hillary’s speech at the Fort Hayes Vocational School in Columbus, OH, doing the same sort of take-down of Donald Trump’s “business success” and “economic policy” as she did in San Diego of his “foreign policy.” (joeknapp was there and has given us a wonderfully textured photo-heavy first-hand report, hereJoan McCarter did a liveblog, here.) As the New York Times summarized the speech ahead of time,
(The final phrase of the quote, which mysteriously got cut off in the embed, is “another financial crisis.”) As one reporter described it,
Clinton's address in Ohio, one of the most important swing states, sought to define Trump as little more than an economic con man, whose ignorance and ego would tank the global economy, bankrupt Americans and risk the country's future.
Here is the full video. (The transcript is here.)
The speech is best summarized in Slate’s headline: “Turns Out, Hillary Clinton Is Really Good at Dismantling Donald Trump’s Joke of a Campaign.” The big applause line:

Trump has written a lot of books about business—but they all seem to end at Chapter 11.
She must have succeeded in hitting Trump where it hurts, as his campaign pumped out not only tweets, but longer e-mails during the speech trumpeting how awful the Obama-Clinton economy has been and would be, and how awesome the Trump economy will be.
Hillary will follow up today with a speech in Raleigh, NC, outlining her own economic plans.
The vetting of Vice Presidential candidates is continuing. According to theWashington Post, the first three (but not necessarily the only) people being vetted are Sen. Elizabeth Warren, HUD Secretary Julián Castro, and VA Sen. Tim Kaine.  The campaign, however, has firmly refused to confirm or comment on any speculation, with one official saying tersely (per the Post), “Those who talk don’t know, and those who know don’t talk.” So those of you who favor other VP possibilities can continue to hope.
In other news, Hillary picked up the first-ever Presidential endorsement byPhiladelphia Magazine, ahead of the city’s hosting of the Democratic National Convention:
That’s all I have for today, and look forward as always to your (kind and positive) comments and discussion. 
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  1. since Hillary does not need to pick any particular person for VP to help her win, she will make her choice based on the bigger picture. Warren is great, the way she baits Donald defines him, but she has her own voice and the VP must speak with the president's voice and Hillary needs Warren to lecture in her own voice. We need to hold onto the Senate.

    So I predict Castro (the same guy I was predicting when it was claimed he was under consideration only because of Rubio). He's smart and nice, and he would be great for the Hispanic kids, he got into Stanford under affirmative action, because his SAT scores weren't that high, and he credits affirmative action with his success. He got into law school (Harvard I think) under his own steam. His mother cleaned houses for a living and inspired both twins with her own community activism. He is a wonk, who is evidence based and who works well with others, and who is activated by a desire to make things better, and there are many young Hispanic bi-lingual kids who didn't go to the best high schools and have to make up for academic shortcomings, and Julian shows they have nothing to feel shame over and everything to aspire toward.

    And he has the talent and the drive, and will be grateful to get more experience, and under Hillary many talented non-insiders have gained experience and opportunities never before available to non-insiders. It's ironic that so-called lefties claim she's had the unfair advantage when she's not just part of the unfairly disadvantaged by gender, she's done more than anyone to open doors and remove barriers for the discriminated against, and her platform is based on plans that will open more doors and remove more barriers. (it's the girl-prejudice barrier she still faces, when we seek power it's never to be in a position to do more good).

    when she's elected and surprises them, I hope they notice then that it's gender stereotype stuff, and come to see other women who are seeking power with more fact-based eyes