Monday, June 13, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Presidential Response to the Orlando Massacre
Hillary Clinton was already set to host a rally in Cleveland on Monday. But after this weekend’s massacre in Orlando—which claimed the lives of 50 people, including the gunman—she took the stage without any background music or other festivities typical of this kind of event. In contrast to Donald Trump’s appearances early in the day, Clinton appeared calm and resolute. As she addressed everything from national security to LGBT rights, she seemed like she was stepping into a role. She seemed presidential.

“Today is not a day for politics,” Clinton began. “On Sunday, Americans woke up to a nightmare that’s become mind numbingly familiar—another act of terrorism in a place no one expected.” The attack was the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. While the investigation is still ongoing, Clinton laid out an approach to defeat ISIS, called for tighter gun restrictions, and offered solidarity to the LGBT community.
Watch the full speech above and read the full transcript here.

And if you're a glutton for punishment, compare and contrast Clinton's supremely presidential remarks with today's incoherent and offensive trainwreck speech from The Orange One Who Won't Be Named. By the end of it, you'll only be left with one thought: "Thank goodness this man will never be president."

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