Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton Interview With Jake Tapper (6/5/16)

While we wait (and wait some more) for the call in Puerto Rico, here's Hillary Clinton's full interview with Jake Tapper on State of the Union, which aired today.


  1. PR is seriously slow in reporting. Too bad Bernie didn't fund raise for the PR Democratic Party so as to give their voters an easier time, too bad he does't support the PR bail out bill, too bad their super's think he's a fraud.

    Instead he claimed he plans to write his own PR bail out bill, but the details are secret, he want's it to be surprise.

    My guess is it has to do with expanding campuses, raising tuition and borrowing on fake pledges, plus a place to store toxic waste. What's your guess?

    he hasn't even lost yet and he's already claiming cheating.

  2. at last some new numbers, now it's 65 to 34 but 16,000 votes.

    Also, seems Sanders caused the long lines in PR, he hadn't enough field workers to make sure the Bill didn't show up and schmooze his votes, so that's why:

    1. I posted that a few moments ago. Unbelievable.