Friday, June 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Campaigns in El Centro, CA (6/2/16)

A Trump-destroying masterpiece speech at lunchtime, a rally in the afternoon and a private dinner in the evening...all in different cities. How does she do it?!
Clinton held a rally in El Centro on Thursday. The former Secretary of State was at the Barcelona Event Center, with hundreds of people in attendance trying to win over the El Centro voters.

In her speech, Clinton spoke about a variety of topics including immigration, the importance of small businesses, and equal pay for women.

Clinton said, “Everything that I possibly can to make sure that we get it right this time. And we provide the kind of support that immigrants deserve to have.”

This is Clinton’s first time in El Centro and also the first time a presidential hopeful made their way down to the Imperial Valley to campaign.


  1. it's stamina, I wrote my dissertation on highly successful women who competed with men for highly paid executive business positions, line not staff, and they had a few things in common, thick skin, they didn't take anything personally, they were doing a job that was a lot like something they loved doing as children, and stamina to burn, some of them had kids like Hillary when Chelsea was little and she was wife of the governor doing his special projects and worked for a law firm and did various volunteer, Methodist goody-two-shoes things but got home in time to read to her baby and give her baby a bath.

    She's good at catching a nap whenever it's possible, and she wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

    they keep saying she went home to sleep the night of Benghazi, she went home to be home, she didn't sleep, she has an office at home, at home she doesn't have to be dressed for success, doesn't have to model the total professional. And they say that even though she wore them out at the witch trial, they were sleepy and getting cranky. A few of them seemed punch drunk. I was pretty sure at least three wouldn't be able to drive, would have to go home in a cab.

    I bet she works in pink plush memory foam mary-jane slippers that close with velcro and ankle length flannel pants with a tea rose motif, and a 'you go girl' tee shirt. I bet she can get dressed over all that in an instant, if someone knocks on her door, stuff it in a pants-suit and, hello, come right in.

  2. I had my picture taken with Hillary at this event. Does anyone know where I may be able to find it?