Thursday, June 2, 2016

FULL VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Annihilates Donald Trump in San Diego

Mark the day: June 2nd, 2016.

Mark the location: San Diego, California

Mark the historical event: Hillary Clinton annihilates Donald Trump.

Above is the best version I've found of the full speech. It is the deeply satisfying, undeniably devastating, and much-deserved thrashing that we've all been waiting for. And the best part is that it's just the beginning. Enjoy!

Some excerpts:

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Meanwhile, irrelevant to this discussion...predictably attacks Hillary in response. It's a good thing he's about to lose, because I can't take much more of this.


  1. a brillant speech, I commented on it below.

    Remember I told you Bernie was really like this, it's his nature, he's a nasty spoiler who can't bear the idea that a girl is actually preferred over the Great Bernie Sanders.

    she didn't vote for that war, even in today's NYT it's noted that the authorization came from the Afghanistan one, that one and all of them are legally based on the first 'terror' authorization. Bush violated the terms of the Iraq one that Bernie voted against, and Bush might have been held to account, as least it would have been possible, if the house joined by Bernie didn't give him cover in voting for the "thanks for invading over terrorism and wmd' resolution, right after he pulled the inspectors out and sent our men and women in, to die for oil.

    Bernie needs to be ignored. If the media is not going to ever vet him, can't they at least ignore him? it's depressing enough with just Donald.

  2. This was awesome! Fox News admitted it was great. In reply to Anni:
    I think ignoring Bernie was just what Hillary did today. He'll get 1% of the press discussion for next few days.

  3. Hillary is fabulous! Brilliant speech. No wonder she gets paid big bucks to stand in front of a microphone.

    Hillary's moving on to the General Election, focusing on Trump now. Bernie feels the slight and needed the attention turned back to him to remind her he is still in the game, hence his attack on her, rather than teaming up with her to continue the annihilation of Trump. For Sanders it's not about Trump yet. It's still about Hillary.

    But she's brilliantly moved on.

  4. Nicolle Wallace was surprised, wondered why Hill didn't take down Bernie, since turns out she knows how, it didn't occur to Nicolle that Hillary knows how to do lots of things, and that the way she ran against Bernie was a choice, and a diplomatic one, she has nothing against Bernie supporters, she has no wish to make them feel embarrassed about being for Bernie, or to destroy Bernie and perhaps tarnish his great message along with it. She isn't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    She wants Trump supporters embarrassed. Trump can feel no shame, but that isn't true of everyone. Trump is all bathwater, and quite oily-scum bathwater at that.

    People like me are pissed at Sanders and say so, for things like screwing up his great message, and taking money from people that can't afford it, I see him as real grifter, the real American snake oil salesman deal, but if that story became known too soon, his supporters could feel bad, it's not like the story of Bernie wasn't findable, no one who blogs can credibly feel innocently conned. But they'll be time enough when the HBO movie comes out. (I wonder who will play Saranden?) I think, however, that his donors can ask for refunds anytime, i don't think they have to do it within 60 days, I think candidates fall under the lemon law.

    The heads also missed her own foreign policy, because she did the contrast and they could only hear her when she was talking about Trump. they're only interested in Trump, it's quite shallow and icky of them, I think. There are actually interesting things to say that aren't
    'fascination with Trump.'

    MSNBC guys were trying to find things to fault in her speech, which was upbeat and charming as well as fact based and warny. One of them said she'd taken it from Romney and what makes her think it'll work any better coming from her. Romney would kill for the ability to write such a speech, to think that clearly, to write that brief.

    I hear she had a speechwriter, I'd thought she'd written it herself, it is so much her style. Point by point, 1 2 3 4 5, total Hillary.