Thursday, June 9, 2016

Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hillary Clinton!

It finally happened!
Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, a progressive firebrand who has shaped a political career around taking on Wall Street, endorsed Hillary Clinton’s White House bid after withholding support for months during the Democratic presidential contest between Clinton and rival Bernie Sanders.

Warren announced her endorsement on MSNBC’s "Rachel Maddow Show" Thursday night.

"I am ready to get into this fight and to work my heart out for Hillary Clinton and to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t get anywhere near the White House," Warren said.

The move by the first-term Massachusetts senator, who many had urged to enter the 2016 race herself, provides progressive Democrats with a strong signal to rally around the party’s presumptive nominee. It came on the same day President Barack Obama formally endorsed Clinton in a bid to unify Democrats following a White House meeting with Sanders. Vice President Joe Biden also signaled his support in a speech on Thursday, saying “God willing,” the next president would be Clinton.
Oh yeah...Joe too! Though his endorsement was far more low-key.
And how about this final mic drop moment and little "deal with it" nod. Dear God I love her!

Okay, that does it. After watching this awesome interview, Hillary HQ is fully on board:

Clinton/Warren 2016!


  1. I love them both but am not so happy about the Senate losing Elizabeth Warren. She does an amazing job there and the VP might not be a job that gives her as much influence.

  2. she won't be VP, she is clearly needed in the Senate, what was she going to say, that she wasn't ready to take over?

    She made it right too, she said Hillary is the one we need, and she didn't endorse her earlier because she liked the conversation on the issues. And she pressed her own Democratic Party support, she's practical, she wants more stuff done and she does not want to lose ground. She goes back with Hillary, she knows.

    She would not have influence as VP, in that she would not be able to chew anyone out that she liked, and she would not be able to chew Hillary out if she disagreed with something Hillary was doing, not that she would disagree but just in case, Elizabeth likes her autonomy.

    1. I trust Hillary's running mate judgement 100%! But I still like Franken and Castro as my other two personal choices.