Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Clinton Speaks on the Economy and Responds to Trump in Raleigh, NC

Wow, what a great contrast from the Trump Trainwreck from earlier in the day! Policy instead of potshots, concrete plans instead of conspiracies, hope instead of heinousness, and overflowing voter excitement instead of country club seminar courtesy claps.

Hillary's got this, and #ImWithHer. Watch the terrific speech in its entirety above.


  1. you mean the story for her isn't the huge percentage of 'pants on fire?'

    Gosh that speech was inspiring, thank you Scott. By the by, I have been blogging on The Nation, some of them are sorely in need of facts. But Bernie seems to have come to his senses, I hope he gets enough donations to dig himself out and that the stuff on him is never a story, who cares, it's over.

    I can't get kicked off the Nation for not being sexist, I have a paid subscription. but you are still my identity, ta for that, a

    1. The media's fact-checking of Trump and Hillary's terrific speech in response made this another good day for Team Clinton. Time for some karaoke with friends to celebrate!