Friday, June 24, 2016

Clinton Leads Trump by 13 Points in Reuters/Ipsos Poll

What a lovely graph, eh?

While the current Clinton lead of 13 points in the Reuters/Ipsos poll is indeed terrific, what's most interesting to me is the nearly three-month trend. Aside from about a two-week stretch following Trump's apparent clinch of the nomination in early May, the current result really doesn't look that unusual.

Interestingly, the poll averages at Real Clear Politics and Huffington Post also showed a May tightening to different degrees. This leads me to believe that the Reuters/Ipsos poll is worth paying attention to, even with day-to-day volatility that leads to headlines like "Poll: Clinton’s lead over Trump slipping since Orlando". Yes, they were referring to this poll...but looking at the graph, it's really hard to tell when this supposed Trump bump was supposed to have happened.

Oh yeah, and Bernie hasn't even (officially) endorsed Hillary yet.

Anyway...after a distressing day and an upsetting couple of weeks in general, I figured this poll would be a welcome sight as we start the weekend.

Keep calm and Hillary on!


  1. Yeah, he says he'll help beat Donald by voting for Hillary, he promises to deliver one vote. What a guy. And she's so nice to him, he holds rallies to raise money and if he concedes he has to stop taking primary donations. He got 16M last month, if he spent 6M of it in California, that's 10M to go toward his debt, and I think he has at least 10M to go.

    She isn't just running against Donald, she's running smart, she knows he will be their nominee so there is no good reason to hold her facts back, the more they are out before their convention, the more their entire platform is hung from their necks. She is running against their ideology, just naming it tacky Donald. and it's working, they are distancing from the ideology, about time.

    Back when Eisenhower was president, and he named Charlie Wilson, president of General Motors, to be his defense secretary, Wilson said "I've always thought what was good for the country was good for General Motors and vice versa.”

    Which turned into its pithier version, 'what's good for General Motors is good for America.'

    Donald has trumped that one, he's "what's bad for America is good for Donald Trump."

    1. At this point, anything Bernie does correctly is appreciated as progress...even "yes, I'll vote for her". Hillary is doing fine without him for now.

      And Donald is doing his damnedest to defeat himself, and Hillary is only happy to assist him. Hell, even George Will just ditched the GOP and said they should write off 2016 and try for 2020!

    2. yeah, bernie can do no more damage, he's trying to fund-raise himself out of a hole, he's okay now.

      donald is amazingly bad at being a candidate, but he's very much like the rest of them except for his personality, he's more vulgar.

      And Hillary won't go toward the middle to get them, she'll stay progressive and show that they aren't as against progressive policies as they'd want you to think, because they do work to grow the economy, that speech she gave about consumers, I always blogged so they can buy useless crap, she says consumption based economy, same idea, she always says it nicer.

    3. She's winning this race by running as a progressive and that's simply not going to change.