Thursday, June 16, 2016

Clinton Campaign Goes All-In With Big Ad Buy in Battleground States

The Clinton campaign isn't waiting around to permanently define Donald Trump as an unacceptable choice and remind voters just what a great candidate Hillary truly is. In fact, they are already spending big money in key battleground states:
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ramped up her general election campaign against Republican opponent Donald Trump on Thursday, releasing ads that will air in eight states considered toss-ups in the general election.

The pair of television ads highlight Clinton’s focus on children and families and her policy and advocacy work on issues like health care, education and women’s rights.

According to the Clinton campaign, they aim to distinguish Clinton as someone “who spent her life fighting for families and children,” and admonish Trump as someone “who has always put himself first.”

Both ads, the first ones geared toward the general election, will air over the next six weeks in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. Those all have been battleground states in recent presidential elections and are part of an “eight-figure” ad buy, according to her campaign.
Notice what states are missing? Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The campaign must believe those states are pretty safe, and I'm in agreement. And it's especially nice to see North Carolina on the list, considering it's a state that Obama didn't win four years ago. Playing offense...I like it!

These two new uplifting ads join a striking contrast ad from earlier this week. Watch:

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  1. I noticed in this article that Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are NOT on the buy list for now. However, we need to remember the GOP's Red Mapping/gerrymandering on steroids strategy in the state so of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan. It would be nice to see a federal, state, and local strategy do deal with this GOP Red Mapping issue. I think in the states listed here, more Democrats usually vote than Republicans but because of the GOP gerrymandering, the majority of congressional districts are almost guaranteed Republican. Unless an all out assault by Democrats are waged on this GOP gerrymandering, we can only expect Speaker Ryan with more gridlock for years to come. I hope Democrats are smarter in 2020 than they were in 2010. We have to change these Great Lakes states or else it will be difficult to make effective change in the near term. While political science professors generally say gerrymandering runs its course in eight years because of demographic changes and people moving etc. we have to remember that super gerrymandering is its own animal. So I think Hillary Clinton will do well in those eight states listed above with the advertising buys. But we have to remember, we have to have a Democratic Congress to get much of Hillary's agenda passed into law when she becomes president. Unless of course a chastened GOP decides bipartisan legislation needs to happen, something I would welcome but don't hold your breath.