Friday, June 17, 2016

Bye Bye Bernie (For Now)

Bernie greets the Bird of Doom (3/25/16)
You might not believe this, but I very eagerly tuned in to last night's address by Bernie Sanders!

Why? Because if he had something newsworthy to say, I wanted to be among the first to hear it. Also, I was also hoping for my opinion about him to shift into positive territory again even if he didn't concede the race.

Unfortunately, both of these hopes were dashed.

For one thing, I discovered that Bernie lecturing non-stop for that long was nothing short of agonizingly boring, and it didn't help that so much of it was totally familiar. After about 10 minutes I realized that I was used to hearing him talk for no longer than a couple of minutes at a time in debates and on Sunday morning news shows. And his hour-plus rally speeches were made a bit more exciting by the almost constant applause breaks and general audience participation. This extended soliloquy was just really tough to sit through.

But the main problem was that it was basically a 23-minute speech to announce that his campaign is still running but sitting in idle. In short: Continue the "revolution", reform the Democratic Party to his personal vision, Clinton is okay on some things but not on others, and oh yeah, we need to defeat Trump. It's certainly great that he keeps pressing the important issues that unite all progressives, and I hope he keeps doing that all the way to convention, general election and beyond. It's also terrific that he's encouraging his followers to run for office, as Democrats really do need to rebuild our bench on the local level.

However, he didn't come anywhere close to conceding...even though he clearly lost the nomination and there are no more battles to be fought. That's a problem.

By this time eight years ago, Clinton had already unequivocally conceded to Obama despite it being a photo finish in the popular vote, and that was just the start of her unification efforts. As for Sanders, I guess he's hoping for a miracle that will never arrive while keeping his website rolling as if the next primary is right around the corner, complete with multiple prominent "contribute" buttons. But at this point it might as well be a GoFundMe for Tad Devine and Jeff Weaver, because no events or advertising are on the horizon.

So maybe there's not much else to do but leave him be for now. The current state of his "campaign" is unsustainable and the convention is only about five weeks away. Hopefully he will end up making the right decision for himself, his (temporary?) party and his country by late July, but there's not much else to do right now but move on without him.

2016 isn't and never was about bending to the particular demands of one independent senator from a small state, even if he did win a lot of votes. It's about keeping the White House in Democratic control and retaking Congress from the Republicans. Period.

We welcome Bernie's support in this massive (or revolutionary, if you prefer) effort if or when he decides he's ready. But in the meantime, perhaps it's best for the rest of us to carry on with our efforts to win this thing in November.


  1. that's because if he suspends he'll also have to stop fundraising, he can only keep fundraising if he keeps running, and so he also makes his self-important claim that they have significant differences, the differences are significant only in that hers are cutting edge for the current times, and his are not only impossible to get through congress, they're not as good.

    They met two hours but they didn't come to an agreement, and that means what he demanded was impossible, she won't promise what she can't deliver and she won't take a worse plan for bernie either. But if he brought up his debt, she didn't agree to fundraise to pay his debt and she didn't agree to transfer her surplus from the primary to his debt.

    it is what it is

  2. I feel after all that happened Hillary shouldn't give him anything. I used to respect him but now I just pity him. He isn't a Democrat and never will be. He doesn't care about our party and never will. Goodbye Bernie!

    1. pity us, we had to donate more to try to counter his smears against her, at least he started going after everyone. She can't give him anything, she's ethical, she won't decide to favor something she does not favor to purchase him, however much he may be for sale. He is what he accuses, she isn't. And she will never promise something she knows she can't deliver, that's why she admitted the need for mandates for health care, even though they were unpopular.

  3. Just ignore him. That is what Clinton campaign is doing. Keep him from winning any more news cycles.
    Many of his young supporters will lose interest as he disappears from view and becomes more irrelevant every day.
    Clinton will hire some young staff to ramp up her own social media.

  4. Politico posted an article on 6/7 which said in part that Bernie "demanded that the campaign bank account never go under $10 million". I'm curious about where that money is going. He didn't provide any funding to the three candidates he did endorse although he did ask his supporters to send them money too.