Monday, May 9, 2016

Want To Help Hillary Win Tomorrow? Make Calls To West Virginia Tonight!

Looking for something you can do right now to help Hillary win West Virginia tomorrow?

You're in luck! From the comfort of your home, there's still time to make calls to voters in that state and tell them why they should place their vote for Clinton tomorrow.

And you might be surprised at the response. A twitter friend of mine, Robert Sandy, is a frequent phonebanker and has had a positive experience calling the state. But he needs your help:
While Bernie is favored in West Virginia, he is certainly no sure thing. In fact, 538 only gives him a 63% chance of winning there. And heck, maybe Trump's nomination is causing Democratic voters to coalesce around Clinton as the one person who can stop him...and an upset in this state will be the first indication of that.

Let's try to make it happen! Make calls for Hillary. And if you miss out on West Virginia, there's always Oregon and Kentucky, and even more states around the corner.

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