Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Trump Stinks...but Hillary Will Take Out the Trash This November

With both Ted Cruz and John Kasich now eliminated, there's a lot of fear among sane individuals of all political stripes regarding the next Republican nominee.

Could this be the final end of our proud, beloved republic?

Should I start planning my move to Canada before the rush starts?

Could this lunatic actually win?

To all these questions and more I say: Calm down, but don't let up.

Watching Donald Trump score win after landslide win was never scary to me, and here's why:

First, Republican primary voters and general election voters are two very different groups of people, and no general election candidate in 2016 can win with the angry white vote alone. Our ever-changing demographics make that next to impossible.

Second, a significant of portion of Republicans will either sit this one out or vote for Clinton. This will likely include a number of respected elected officials who truly love their country.

Third, if Republicans couldn't win with McCain or Romney (two far more respectable candidates), there's simply no indication that this time will be different. Quite the contrary, considering their current disastrous choice.

The new CNN poll showing a 13-point Clinton lead nationally is only the latest indication of what's in store this November:
And consider this: While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two of the most famous people in America, only one of them has already been truly vetted for the presidency...and she's already crushing it.

So it's not us who should be afraid. It's them.

Last July, as Trump just started taking the lead in national and state polls, I saw the reaction he was getting online and took him way more seriously than a lot of old-school beltway pundits. While I didn't know for sure if he would be the nominee, I otherwise still stand by this semi-prediction:
Check out the Facebook comments for articles about Trump and you will see Republican voters genuinely going nuts for this guy. And why not? He's a non-career politician who's way more exciting than the rest of the GOP field combined (yes, all 17 or so of them) and he's finally saying exactly what these voters have been dying to hear during the entirety of the Obama years.
And this nightmare is starting to sink in with the Republican establishment.
Democrats and sane individuals in general have reason to be excited about Donald Trump too. He will never be President of the Unites States, and he might not even be the nominee, but his prominence in this race is nevertheless a harbinger of the final collapse of the modern Republican party.
And since Hillary is going to be elected president next year anyway, they might as well go down in a blaze of electoral anti-glory with the biggest clown of them all steering their ship straight down into the abyss.
But even though I halfway predicted such a thing ten months ago, I'm still having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that the 2016 Republican doomsday scenario is actually unfolding before our very eyes. I mean, it's just so crazy.

Or as the NY Daily News puts it:

To be absolutely clear, this is no time for celebration. That time won't come until the evening of November 8th. Until then, our only option is to fight every single day for the next six months until Donald Trump is finally defeated.

That being said...if anyone can finally take out this piece of trash, and the rest of the GOP along with him, it's Hillary Clinton.

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  1. I don't know all that many Republicans, but I know two who will vote for Hillary. This will be the new red-dog Republicans, secretly in favor of rational with competence and skills.