Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Woman Card: Changing the Game

Guest post by JoAnne Tybinka Blasko

The Donald hasn't yet seen the extent of the woman card.

We women intend to keep playing it throughout the campaign. You see, just as Hillary has come fully into her have we.

It was tentative at first. We didn't quite know how to do it. We thought that entering a man's world meant we had to play their game. But as the years wore on, we realized playing the game wasn’t good enough. We had to change the game. Define the game. We had to make the game our own. We had to make the earth our own.

Those of us who have been following Hillary for years now know that she too took tentative first steps in each of her leading roles. As First Lady of Arkansas, she dared to work full time as a lawyer to support her family. As First Lady of the United States, she dared to argue in Beijing that "human rights are women’s rights" even when urged by the administration and the Chinese government to soften her remarks. As junior senator of New York she fought on behalf of 9/11 victims and took their side to insure that they were cared for when they could not continue to work. And as Secretary of State, she was a champion for women throughout the world.

She defined new territory at each juncture, playing the woman card even when she was not dealt an even hand. The truth is, each time she revealed her hand, Hillary became more herself. At each level, she began to change the rules of the game and she continued to play that woman card.

The Hillary you see now is the real deal...and we have all been dealt in.

What you see now is a woman in full maturity. And we too have matured. We have taken the journey with her. We have taken our own tentative steps. We have climbed whatever ladder there was to climb. We are now fully in our own power. We know who we are on the inside and we dare to be the same on the outside. No image to uphold. No stereotype to maintain. Just going forward one step at a time towards our next goal. And this time it’s breaking the highest and hardest glass ceiling.

Throughout this presidential campaign, women have come to realize just who Hillary is...the solid, fully realized, smart, idealistic, essential woman. As the months roll on, more and more women are following Hillary. As they realize that the media image her haters have proliferated is not who Hillary is, as they come to recognize what Hillary can mean for all women, they follow. And they will continue to follow her all the way to the voting booth in record numbers.

Imagine a cabinet that is half women. Hillary has already promised us this. And as more and more women dare to compete, imagine a Senate that holds not only a Democratic majority but is also half women. Imagine a House of Representatives that represents the full spectrum of society. Imagine what that will mean for the country! Imagine all of us becoming who we want to be and not what others expect us to be. Imagine a country where every individual has an opportunity to fulfill his or her God-given potential. Imagine a sustainable future that does not depend on ravaging the earth to earn a profit. Imagine not only equal pay but fulfilling work. Imagine a whole village taking responsibility for raising every child. Imagine a society that promotes these values. Imagine an entirely different playing field.

We've come a long way, baby. And we know too much to go back (and pretend).

You think we are playing the woman card in this election of the President of the United States? You think we’ll play the woman card to elect Hillary Clinton as the first Madam President? You’d better believe it. We're playing the women card in every area of government and in every aspect of life.

With the woman card, we are changing the game.

JoAnne Tybinka Blasko is a woman of a certain age, fully realized, and just a bit impatient. She, like so many others, will be doing everything she can to support Hillary in the election and in her role as President of the United States.

(originally posted on 5/5/16)

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