Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Elephant in the Room


  1. And as a Bernie Supporter I will work tirelessly voting for republican candidates in all the public opinion polls when the choice is between Hillary and a Republican for president so I can watch Bernie chortle on and on about how he is the stronger democrat candidate.

    1. that does seem to be his plan, to say he told us so, we ought to have defied the will of the voters and backed the guy who won't release his tax returns, who has paid his wife to be his senior campaign advisor, who has fund-raised by pretending to be her victim and used smears against her, and who wants to nationalize medicine. I expect he'll keep up all the lawsuits too.

      Long time ago, when i thought his candidacy was a plus, because it gave her cover for her leftie policies, that looked less left compared to some of his, and might then seem like a good deal, someone on Chris Matthews, on the 'tell me something I don't know' said, Bernie is considered by the public to be a nice man and he is not a nice man and all his colleagues know that.

      He was a Democrat for his first senate primary, and then once he got the nomination he ran as an Independent. someone on MSNBC said he was gleeful that he's pushed her to spend money to campaign in the rest of the primary states, that's the kind of man he is.