Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Clintons Always Pay Their Taxes. Does Trump?

My friend Zach Fedell posted some images on Twitter today that you might find interesting.

Compare and contrast, if you will, this...

...with this...

...and you'll know why the Donald thinks his tax rate is "none of your business".

You'll also know who the good American citizens are...and which guy is only in it for himself.


  1. this is the damned if you do proof. She's supposedly poor judgement for giving speeches for money, she was supposed to have been thinking ahead about how that could be used, rather than praised for being above board in every respect. no one would know the breakdown of her income if she hadn't released uber complete tax returns and added an addendum listing the number of speeches and what she was paid. She gave more than that amount to charity.

    Bernie didn't think ahead, he can't release his tax returns either. And worse than Donald he can't even release his financial disclosure forms, they'd have to agree with the Senate ones he keeps having to amend.

    and Donald won't release his, even though he could hide behind the new bernie rule and release part of one year and call it done.

    I call on MSNBC to admit that she's released 22 very complete years and that she gave bernie the data Todd used to ask for speech transcripts and that bernie has used as his excuse to not provide his financial disclosure.

    1. I think Americans understand that ex-presidents and their wives are going to be well-off. They should also appreciate how much they pay in taxes and to charity. Heck, Bill has committed his life to charity since leaving the White House. It's quite a contrast to Loser Donald. Dishonest Donald? Bad Joke Donald? Don't-Do-It-America Donald!

  2. bad hair tiny hands Donald,


    you know

    it's hard for me to not think he has an unconscious wish for her to be the next president. He seems to run by outing the Republicans, he extreme's them, they 'show' through him.

    They insult Obama, he extra insult Obama.

    They claim to be against illegal immigration, he wants to deport them.

    They're for protecting America against fake threats, he's for banning all Muslims.

    They claim government is the problem, he can't can't even govern himself.

    When he uses their smears against Hillary they come across way less credible. And he tries to do Rove, he claims she's lacks stamina, after the 11-hour Benghazi Witch Trial where she wore everyone else out, was cracking jokes at the end.

    he claims she isn't qualified, which stings bern-boy while calling the wrong attention to himself, he's nothing if not unqualified. He's supposed to admire unqualified.

    Wherever she shines brightest, he slithers, and that's a lot of slitherin'.

    When it's over he'll call up Bill and ask to be thanked for helping 'Hill' get elected.

    She doesn't need him, she can beat any of them, but Trump will demand credit.