Thursday, May 5, 2016

So This is How the 2016 General Election Begins

On the day that Donald Trump became the last man standing on the Republican side, Team Clinton was fully prepared...releasing not one, not two, but three devastating ads on Twitter...

And what was the Donald's response to all this blistering incoming fire?

Feast your eyes, my friends...

This tweet could not have been more hilariously, perfectly, terribly, wrong-headedly Trumpian.

But if you can believe it, it actually gets worse...

If that's not a metaphor for Trump's entire campaign, I'm not sure what is.

But then, just a few minutes later...

Are the Clinton folks ready for this moment or what? They are not playing around with this guy.

I like it.


  1. He's not even eating that thing! Anybody would have clear their desk a little before eating. They couldn't even take five minutes to set the picture up better.

    1. it's probably a plastic replica.

      I sort of wonder what Donald is thinking now, he's been winging it, following the art of the deal, but the deal was the nomination, not the general election, and it looks like his star is now fading. He is used to being mocked, but he always made a profit out of it, I wonder if the returns will now be not just diminishing, but also eat into his reserves.

      he hasn't a way to run against Hillary, picking on her actually helps her, and when he agrees with Sanders he shows the Sanders's smears as icky, he removes the facade for the Sanders.

      that's actually what he always does, he diminishes the Republicans by taking their message to its logical extreme. And he takes Sanders that way too, amplifies Sanders and that shows the crack more clearly, by also saying Sanders is being cheated, and that the game is rigged against Sanders.

      And now he's openly trying to get Sander's supporters, which ought to make them cringe but would also hold up the mirror, that is cracked.

      it's interesting anyway, a bit depressing, but interesting.