Saturday, May 14, 2016

Seriously, Though: It's Okay To Make Fun of Donald Trump

Let's be 100% clear about this: Everyone should take Donald Trump very seriously. I certainly do.

I know full well that he wasn't taken seriously enough by his 16 or so previous opponents, which eventually (and astonishingly) resulted in his victory as the Republican nominee.

I completely realize that even though he's a total joke of a candidate, the idea of him beating Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States isn't funny in the least.

And I understand that such a result would be devastating for the American people, our environment, and our reputation around the world. Hell, it might even bring on World War III.

So yes, everything is at stake, and taking down Donald Trump should be treated as an all-hands-on-deck national emergency.

However, in addition to being a national emergency, Donald Trump is also an obvious fraud, a walking disaster, a punchline of a human being, a ridiculous clown, a thin-skinned buffoon, and an ignoramus of the highest order. And his hair is totally ridiculous.

The insane duality of 2016 rolls on.

So what are we to do? Can this guy really be treated as an existential threat and national punchline at the same time? The answer, thankfully, is yes.

It's the job of Hillary Clinton, her campaign, the Democratic Party, progressive Super PACs, and various outside groups like Media Matters to take Donald Trump 100% seriously as a presidential candidate every second of every day. And as we saw yesterday, the Clinton camp clearly knows this.

But in our own way, we too can help disqualify him from the presidency among our own friends and family by relentlessly mocking his extreme idiocy whenever and however it shows itself. There's nothing wrong with pointing out (correctly) that our entire country would be profoundly embarrassed on the world stage if this guy ever became president. It's no small thing.

In fact, I believe that the issue of "retaining our national dignity" is going to be a much clearer and more palpable consideration to a great many undecided voters over the next six months than, say, student loan refinancing or potential changes to tax important as those things are.

Let's also remember that making fun of presidential candidates is nothing new, and we need only take a quick glance at the past 41 years of Saturday Night Live to know that. There's no good reason that the Donald should be exempt from such treatment. Quite the contrary.

Furthermore, how are we even going to survive this most absurd and frightening of election years without laughing sometimes? I'm not sure we can.

We have every reason to believe that Hillary Clinton will continue to target her Republican opponent without mercy on policy, preparedness, temperament and more until his final defeat arrives on November 8th. And we should all help her in this task in every way possible.

But making fun of Donald Trump needn't be off-limits, because he deserves our unrelenting derision more than anyone else in American history...and it can only cost him a few more votes along the way.

(Originally posted on 5/6/16)


  1. I think that it's better to not make fun of how people look; I just don't do it. Someone who does invites the same thing on him or herself. I agree that his personality and behavior is fair game.

    1. The difference in this situation is that Donald's ridiculous hairstyle is a CHOICE. So I think it's fair game. Kinda like John Boehner's crazy tan. I think even the president has poked fun at it.

      If I can't poke fun at Donald's hairstyle at least a little bit this year, I'll go mad! I'll stay away from any discussion of his tiny hands, though!

  2. Yesterday in San Francisco Hillary mocked him on the issues, in the context of wondering if he would ever get a follow-up question. She did an impression of him answering, it was pretty funny.

    but the biggest cheers were for winning the primary in California, seems I am not the only Democrat sick of Bernie Sanders. When she speaks of ideologues without realistic plans she means Trump, but I hear Bernie, we're so kid gloves with that fraud, but we can at least make fun of the other fraud.

  3. Democratic woman are starting to bait him, so that he can lash out at more than Hillary and show his stuff, and if he doesn't, then he'll get baited more anyway. They'll tree him.