Friday, May 27, 2016

Seems Like Old Times

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  1. the bernie debate challenge to donald was called "trivializing' this morning, which is certainly the right word for it. I am surprised donald didn't take him up on it, although I agree with one commentator who said she was already the only presidential one left so it would only help her, the boys duking it out on the playground.

    Maddow has stepped up to the responsible plate, she's reporting on Bernie's Blackmail, he'll use the rules to shut down the convention unless ... and she also pointed out that he will always want more.

    She didn't say that he needs to get new victim narratives to fundraise.

    really, no one says it's about the money, except me probably.

    meanwhile Hillary is only great, she never stoops to mention, she just sticks to the issues and points out that donald isn't serious but never says that about bernie.