Monday, May 2, 2016

In 2016 Turning Point, Clinton Outraises Sanders in April

Bernie Sanders has outraised Hillary Clinton to various degrees every month of 2016 so far.

Up until April, that is:
Hillary Clinton outraised Bernie Sanders in the month of April, according to fundraising figures reported Monday by the Democratic front-runner's campaign.
Clinton's campaign took in a total of $36 million in April, of which $9.5 million went to the Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising operation between the campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and state parties. Of that total, $26.4 million of the $36 million went to the Clinton campaign itself, which enters May with $30 million on hand.
By comparison, Sanders' team on Sunday reported raising $25.8 million in April, a steep drop from its $44 million total in March.
Below the headline (another 2016 turning point), a couple of key points to take note of:

Clinton managed to raise more than Sanders without even counting the nearly $10 million that will go to help elect Democrats across the country. (Thanks for the assist, George Clooney!)

But as of now, Bernie still has a "we'll see" attitude regarding his duty to help the Democratic Party as a whole and hasn't lifted a finger as of yet. Instead, he's been too busy railing about a contested convention that will never happen.

Clinton's $30 million cash on hand is perhaps the most important number of all, though.

Once again we are seeing that her campaign team seems to know exactly when and where every single dollar will have the most effect, and spends (or unspends) accordingly. As a result, they are incredibly firm-footed financially until the convention.

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign has been spending like rich drunken CEOs in Las Vegas on TV ads and outrageous consulting firm fees (both to little effect, it seems) before laying off hundreds of staffers. So while we don't know for sure how much cash on hand they probably isn't looking too good right now.

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  1. Sanders has spent money effectively to raise money, and those consulting firms have also managed his 'grateful dead' rallies, getting the word out about the party to the kids and like the dead some of them follow him from concert to concert, giving up their jobs and going on the road to burn. That cost him $9 a vote in NY, to lose, but if you're counting money, he's laughing all the way to the bank, all for him, his friends, with a drop to the three candidates running against progressive Democrats who did not endorse bernie.

    He's the me first generation, young for his years?

    He's also been effective at getting his supporters to spread the hate, to contact super-delgates and makes their lives hellish, taking a page from the 'right to lifers.' His friends have been well-compensated and we don't know how much he paid Jane in 2015, to be his 'senior campaign advisor,' but also be treated with the 'care' afforded to an unpaid wife. She also does their taxes, and they filed an extension for 2015, and that would have shown her income from the small donors. IMO the lack of competence of the bernie campaign has only matched by his entire career on the pubic dime, taking up space, and speaks of something considerably worse.

    but as far as running as the great male hope, that will be left to Trump to lose.