Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hillary on the Ellen Show (5/25/16)

The Guardian:
Hillary Clinton is ready for an all-female election ticket, but unfortunately the vice-president she had in mind prefers her day job.

Talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres declined to be Clinton’s running mate after learning that the vice-president doesn’t get to live in the White House.

“You’ll live in the vice-president’s house … but it’s a nice house,” Clinton said during her most recent appearance on the show, taped on Tuesday in its Burbank studios and scheduled to broadcast on Wednesday.

“No, I have a nice house. I’m fine,” DeGeneres replied.

Clinton dropped by the show’s studio between campaign stops to tape her third appearance since becoming a presidential candidate. With a largely female audience and an adoring host, the presumptive Democratic nominee has relied on the show to help connect with voters, particularly women who will play a crucial role in a prospective general election against Donald Trump.

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