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Hillary News & Views 5.23.16: Gun Control, Stronger Together, Organization, Endorsement

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Today we begin with Hillary’s participation on Saturday at the Trayvon Martin Foundation event in Fort Lauderdale, where she “called for action against gun violence and wrongful incarceration as well as more mental health support, especially for young children, as she spoke to a room of mothers, fathers and grandmothers, many of whom had experienced the loss of a child due to gun violence,” as IBT reports. The event was covered by a wonderful diary by floridageorge  that points out the contrast to Trump’s endorsement by the NRA on Friday.  NBC has a shorter piece on the event.
During her speech Saturday, Clinton said the country must take action to end gun violence in America.
"At long last, we must do something about the gun violence that stalks communities and terrorizes families. And this is on the minds of every one of us here tonight, as we remember all of the young people who have been lost," Clinton said. "This problem isn't going away."
Clinton has made what she calls common sense gun reforms a central part of her campaign…
Before her remarks, Clinton met backstage with 60 of the "mothers of the movement," or women who have lost their children to gun violence or police incidents.
Aides said a few of the women brought up Trump in conversation with Clinton, citing concerns. Clinton, who has campaigned with several of the mothers, received a letter from each woman, an effort coordinated by Fulton.
"They handed me that letter and I'm going to read every single word of those letters because each of the mothers is telling us something that we all need to hear — not just about their tragedies but about our country," Clinton said.
On Sunday morning, Hillary was interviewed by Chuck Todd on Meet the Press about the latest campaign news. This was covered very thoroughly yesterday afternoon by Lysis in Hillary Meets the Press: Supporting Sanders, Skewering Trump, and "Stronger Together"​.
In the interview, Hillary summed up her campaign as “Stronger Together” as she called for the entire country to unify to make changes to the benefit of everyone. She also pointed repeatedly to how terrible Donald Trump’s policies would be for American andhow questionable his character and background are.
“There's no evidence he has any ideas about making America great, as he advertises. He seems to be particularly focused on making himself appear great. And as we go through this campaign, we're going to be demonstrating the hollowness of his rhetoric.”
And to a question about whether there is anything in Trump's background that is "praiseworthy", Clinton responded coyly, "We'll find out. Because we have to get below the hype. We have to find what the reality is." She also attacked him for not releasing his tax returns and proving "that he actually has the level of success he claims to have."
A new ad hits Trump for being completely unqualified for the office that he seeks.
Politico reports that Clinton has organized a much more formidable general election campaign team at this point than Trump has.
At the outset of the general election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign looks like a well-oiled juggernaut next to Donald Trump’s vastly smaller, mostly self-funded operation, a POLITICO analysis of Federal Election Commission reports filed Friday found.
Through the end of last month, the period covered by the most recent FEC filings, Trump’s campaign spending was less than a third of Clinton’s ($57 million to $182 million) and Trump had assembled a staff about one-tenth the size of hers (70 employees to 732), and spent less on offices (Trump last month paid $101,000 in rent vs. $328,000 for Clinton), the analysis found.
Clinton has continued to campaign in California, where the Mercury News became the latest newspaper to endorse her this weekend.
Everything seems upside down, except for this: Clinton still is the best choice for Democrats in California.
World trade is a local issue here, particularly in Silicon Valley, and experience in foreign affairs is critical not just to national security but to the economy that led this nation out of recession. Clinton has that experience. Sanders doesn't.
She shares many of Sanders' broad social and economic goals, including affordable education and better access to health care. But she seeks incremental change rather than "Feel the Bern" hard left turns. Unless the November race is for dictator instead of president -- as Trump sometimes seems to think it is -- incremental is really the only way to get things done.
The Visalia Times reported on a stop by Bill Clinton late yesterday as he traveled towards Fresno for scheduled events today.
Clinton continued down both sides of Main Street, he stopped to take photos with numerous people who followed him and a detail of Secret Service agents. He spent several minutes with people, including workers at Dickey’s.
The Casillas family also got to meet Clinton.
"He is a down-to-Earth, genuine man," Rosa Casillas said. "Very kind and attentive to me and my girls.What a great opportunity."
Clinton will be stumping for his wife and likely Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, at a tour stop Monday morning at Fresno State’s Satellite Student Union.
Fast Company wrote a piece making the case the Clinton has done the best job seeking support in California’s tech industry and has a message that resonates with young women who work in it.
But Clinton’s team has made the most concerted effort to court the Bay Area’s women in tech. And through that, new communities are forming that many female attendees say are more diverse — in terms of age, gender and sector — that then are used to. "I definitely see women of all ages attending these events — especially the ones that ask for a lower donation" says Lily Sarafan, ‎CEO of Home Care Assistance….
Schuyler Hudak, a media entrepreneur who previously worked as a political consultant, says many of the most influential women in Silicon Valley are involved with the campaign. "That's an opportunity to get mentorship and guidance," she says. "It's great for women who want to be more engaged in politics, and expand their professional network."
Likewise, Eileen Carey, a Clinton supporter who has been involved with the Clinton Foundation for more than a decade, says the network and connections are invaluable.
The campaign this weekend put out a great explainer on college debt and Clinton’s plans to make a college education affordable to all Americans.
That’s why Hillary Clinton has released a plan for debt-free college. Under her plan, students won’t have to take out loans to pay for tuition, books, or fees at four-year public colleges and universities in their states. Families will make an affordable, realistic contribution and students will do their part by working 10 hours a week to help pay for school.
Those with existing student debt will be able to refinance at a lower rate, which will give debt relief to an estimated 25 million borrowers. And Hillary’s plan will allow everyone to enroll in an income-based repayment plan so that they’re never spending more than 10 percent of their income on student loans.
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