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Hillary News & Views 5.16.16: Northern Kentucky Visit, Brown on Trade, Midde Class Raise

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Today we begin with Hillary’s visit to Northern Kentucky, where she attended Get Out the Vote events in Louisville and Fort Mitchell. Former governor Steve Beshear introduced her at both events, highlighting her economic and health care experience and credentials as commander in chief.
WCPO recapped some of her message.
Clinton said the economy would grow with her as president, citing plans to increase investment in infrastructure, create incentives to add more manufacturing in the U.S., make public college debt-free and assist businesses owned by women and minorities.
"The economy does better when we have a Democrat in the White House," Clinton said.
She also addressed an issue that has drawn criticism earlier in the campaign. While Clinton previously said she would put "coal companies out of business," she said Sunday that she planned to expand on renewable energy and revitalize coal country.
Northern Kentucky Tribune reported on some reactions from the crowd at the second event.
“I’m super excited to have Hillary here in Northern Kentucky,” says Tami Burgoyne of Covington. “She is the only person for this job and it is about time. She’s got the resume and she’s got the experience. We need Hillary.”
Mackey McNeil, a Clinton supporter from Independence, was excited to have Clinton in Northern Kentucky.
“For me it’s so exciting to think about the first woman president, and I know that’s playing the woman card but that’s true for me,” says McNeil. “I agree with everything she stands for, pretty much, there are some minor differences, but I like her platform, and I like that she’s prepared – as most women would be.”
She is scheduled to make several more stops in Kentucky today in advance of primary voting tomorrow.
Sherrod Brown appeared on CNN to stand up for her strong position on trade and explain the dangers of Donald Trump’s erratic approach.
"Secretary Clinton will work on these trade enforcement issues and will oppose these trade agreements, and (has an) understanding how to do that, in a way that Donald Trump has never really offered," Brown said. He also attacked Trump more broadly over wages, pointing to the businessman's assertion that they are too high.
"So he's clearly been against the minimum wage," Brown said.
The Ohio senator also cited Trump's opposition to the prevailing wage, which guarantees higher pay on government contracts to laborers, and his support for union-busting "right to work" laws. "When they see the big picture on jobs, the big picture on manufacturing, the big picture on trade, they're going to see a few shallow words from Trump," Brown said. "But they're going to see a lifelong commitment ... from Hillary Clinton."
The campaign this weekend released an explainer of Hillary’s plan for a middle class raise that enumerated these eight elements:
  • Cut middle-class taxes.
  • Make college affordable.
  • Raise the minimum wage.
  • Support unions.
  • Rebuild our infrastructure.
  • Boost manufacturing jobs.
  • Invest in clean energy.
  • Lower child care costs.
Politics USA picked up on Hillary’s line from her Kentucky events her husband former President Bill Clinton would have a special role in revitalizing the economy in her administration.
Putting the former president in charge of revitalizing the economy would be the perfect use of Bill Clinton’s talents. Bill Clinton could play the role of First Gentleman, but when you have a former president who is synonymous with economic success, it would be foolish not to use him as an asset in her Clinton administration.
Republicans can’t offer voters anything like the promise that Bill Clinton will be put back to work to build on the economic progress of the Obama years. What Republicans are offering is a novice candidate who plans on tearing everything down that has been achieved since the great recession and giving an $3.2 trillion tax cut to millionaires and billionaires.
Hillary Clinton’s willingness to discuss what role Bill will fill in her administration should frighten Republicans on many levels. In the corner of the Democratic nominee will the last two presidents who oversaw economic turnarounds. On the Republican side, Trump will be running with the party that caused the Great Recession.
Peter Daou wrote a short essay about the many different things that a vote for Hillary Clinton has meant to her voters.
You’ve sent an inspiring message to anyone who feels invisible.
Day after day, week after week, month after month, we’ve heard about Hillary’s so-called “enthusiasm gap.” We’ve heard that voters are excited about other candidates but not about Hillary. We’ve heard that she doesn’t get crowds. We’ve heard that Hillary’s 12.5 million voters don’t matter. By contributing to her success in the face of efforts to marginalize and silence you, you’ve sent a powerful message that no one is invisible.
Bonus Tweets:

Campaigning in Kentucky, Hillary Clinton jokes that Donald Trump is like a 'show horse.' 
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