Friday, May 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton Rally in San Jose, CA (5/26/16)
Hillary Clinton lambasted Donald Trump at packed rallies in Silicon Valley and San Francisco Thursday.
Speaking to a couple thousand supporters at Parkside Hall in San Jose, the Democratic presidential frontrunner picked apart the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's views on immigration, foreign policy, nuclear weapons and a tax plan that was created "by a billionaire for billionaires." She also slammed his refusal to release tax returns.
"He roots for himself, not for you," Clinton said, accusing Trump of seeking a "good result for himself," without a care for "who gets hurt in the process."

Responding to news that as of Thursday Trump has picked up enough delegates to clinch the GOP nomination, Clinton said President Obama, who is currently attending a G-7 summit, reported that world leaders are "rattled" by what Trump says, promotes and stands for.
She urged attendees to vote in the upcoming California primary and encourage others to do the same so a "loose cannon" like Trump "never gets close to the White House."
A presidential candidate's value is based on the ability to produce results, protect citizens as Commander-in-Chief, and unify the country, Clinton said. "Donald Trump fails every one of those tests."

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