Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Rally in Indianapolis (5/1/16)

(Note: Now that Hillary HQ has gone full-time, I'll be able to post Clinton videos in close to real-time! However, we may still have some future installments of "Hillary TV" as well. Enjoy! -Scott)

Today's the day, Indiana! Let's continue the momentum and give Hillary another big victory!

This could also be the day that Donald Trump essentially locks up the nomination, which would be a very important development.

Polls close at 6pm across the state, which includes both Eastern and Central time zones. Stay tuned to HillaryHQ.com for all the latest!

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  1. finally one I don't care about, it isn't well polled and the outcome isn't relevant. Bernie is spending big on his rock concerts, so that means he'll keep fund-raising on hate to pay the bills and keep his wife's senior advisor salary high and hidden, with her just too busy to do their taxes she had to file an extension, and finally that's fine too, shows him as the crank he is, and with something to hide. Thankfully he is no Teddy Kennedy.