Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Here We Go

Thanks to tonight's result in Indiana, Donald Trump has locked up the Republican nomination and will face Hillary Clinton this fall.

I seriously can't believe GOP voters actually choose this guy. It's just amazing.

Watch this space for the final Democratic result in Indiana. But just remember: This is a race for delegates, which will be split tonight...causing Bernie Sanders to fall even further behind where he needs to be.

UPDATE: Cruz is out. Wow.

Alright, on that note...calling it a night. We resume the fight tomorrow!


  1. it should not surprise us, the Republican's brought it on themselves. The only general candidate Trump could beat is Bernie. so, for us it's fine news, although she could beat any of them, this one is the most telling.

    1. Not a surprise. But still...I can't believe they actually nominated this guy. It's...amazing.

  2. I was wrong! From the beginning I was saying that there was no way they would nominate Trump. Maybe we think there is somebody behind the scenes who will straighten stuff out, but I guess it doesn't always work that way. It's a strange world!

    1. I always thought he had a chance, once I started seeing the response he was getting on Facebook. We need to take him seriously of course, but I'm very much looking forward to beating his ass in six months.

  3. I called it early, but it's my training. You have to know how narcissistic everybody is, for whatever they think they have. And if that is taken from them, hell hath no fury.

    Some of the white people have suffered humiliations, narcissistic wounds if you will, and Trump understands them. He really is a bloodless fellow; for a wussy guy who can't bear to be touched and talks in Valley Girl, he's amazingly fearless, lying is nothing for him, no guilt, no remorse, no second guessing, he's a version of Hearst in that way, he lacks the sincerity gene and orients to the goal.

    He started out a birther, and that got him to first base.

    And then he said what no one else could say, which even I liked. For example he said Bush lied us into Iraq, sacred cows begone. He's funny. Like Reagan he doesn't seem as nasty as he is, he seems more kindly.

    And he offers something for everyone.

    What may surprise some of you is the anti-immigrant sentiment in the not-coast and very poor states, where there are already few immigrants (clearly not enough to make their economies soar). And the anti-Muslim stuff really played to the fringe Christian base, they actually believe in the war of civilizations. He's 'you can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time' and that's plenty to get to the Republican nomination.

    He started off by taking down his opponents, one by one, starting with 'weak' Bush, who was his only real contender, not that Jeb! could have won the general either. There is nothing like ridicule to ruin a grown man's chance to run for president.

    And Donald is immune to ridicule (so is Hillary, for one she's a girl, we're born humiliated, and for another it's not a manly way to take down a woman, meaning it doesn't work on any woman who hasn't an excess of pride, and any woman with an excess of pride is already ridiculous, ie: Carly).

    His 'make America great again' plays to the humiliated. Which is no longer a majority, but that's the group of new voters, who came out for him.

    Now he's being trade populist, going after the rust belt, he's saying 'put America first' which is historically scary but populist-attractive, one of Hillary's surrogates said he says "blame America first," (she's smarter than he is, well, she's smarter than way most). And he's preserve entitlements, and he's not really anti-trade agreements, he says he'll cut smart ones, that's how he gets around that. Like Bernie he's against everything. But unlike Bernie he's worked for a living, so his fake answers worked better with the 'fool me please' base.

    And as far as Bernie goes, he wanted that base, but he ended up with 'special people' who to my mind lack taste. Cruz got more votes in Indiana than Bernie. He did get the independent protest votes, but his 'never Hillary' base isn't humiliated, they're the very proud who project their humiliates.

    1. LMAO! You are too funny - but you know what? You're right, Annibannani. "Come one, come all .... step right up." That's the "carnival barker", right? I've thought for awhile now that Trump's campaign is all about Obama, actually. His campaign is the result of the birther movement - not about economics. Didn't you say you got dismissed from Kos? I can see why - you're a bit of a rebel. A funny one, though. Bernie and the "specials" - LOL.

    2. why yes, Anna Shane of past, life-time banned, but hardly a rebel, unless disrespect of fathead sanctimony means rebel. (we do live in the age of preserving childlike innocence, even when claimed by the long-in-tooth.)

      The great news is there is no way Trump can win a general, and while Cruz is equally unelectable, even Kasich, who speaks in all American gibberish and does ramble on even while shoveling grub, is also generally unelectable, and why none of their establishment got behind him.

      Donald made all of them ridiculous first. Which is funny because he's objectively the most 'wussy' of them, with his silly little flappers, and dick-size assurances, and while Hillary is far from phallic, actually quite feminine, none of them have any grit next to the girl's-grit.

      And once Bernie messes up the convention and tells the world how extra-special he is, and how much he deserves to be crowned, with both meanings, and it's legally all over, it'll be time to show how ridiculous Bernie Sanders and his goodwife are.

      bunch of loser clowns, and the serious and girl candidate is the only one with humor, who'd have thunk it!