Monday, May 9, 2016

Face the Nation Interview (5/8/16)


  1. she answers the question of whether she'd suggesting Trump is not of sound mind by giving quotes, not personal smears. Like let them get their own nuclear weapons, we should get out of NATO, his concerning statements, such as killing terrorist families which is a war crime. His real words, not a personal smear suggesting some kind of psychiatric disorder.

    She says there are Republicans who understand what it takes to be a president, they respect the office, they too are concerned about what kind of leader he would be.

    Trump says that Americans don't need a raise (now he says they do need a raise, and that's up to the states)

    guy says to Hillary, "he would say his view is that jobs will bring higher wages,

    she says

    he doesn't have a view, he has slogans. Women should be punished for having abortions, round up all undocumented Americans, climate change is a Chinese hoax, renegotiate the national debt

    she says, real estate deals aren't the same as running the government.

    question about should she be following bernie

    2M more votes than Donald Trump, 3M more than bernie, there is clearly a constituency for not only diagnosing a problem but having specific plans regarding how to address each problem, so that she can be held accountable.

    (and I would add, so people know what they are voting for and can't claim they were misled)

  2. She'll run an issue-based race, not against Donald Trump but for her version of what the country should be, getting rid of the barriers. when he gets ugly she'll stay focused on that.

    Republicans for Hillary, get those votes? She is reaching out to all voters who want a campaign based on issues, with plans and how to pay for them, who understands we can meet the challenges, for those who take their votes seriously and see this as a crossroads election, and she's had outreach from Republicans.

    (and I would add, they aren't so against sharing anymore, it's progressive policies that grow wealth, wanting to be richer than someone else by keeping them poorer is a way to lose ground for everyone)

    Is she saying Bernie should be getting out? no, she's saying her own experience, in '08 she and Barack were neck and neck in popular vote and his pledged lead was much smaller. She sees a place for Bernie and his supporters to be part of the party, to help to govern based on their shared progressive goals. she hopes to unify around the goals.

    Last August she said she's ready to talk to the FBI and told her assistants to be forthcoming re the email situation. It's a security inquiry, and she never sent or received any material marked classified.

    it was a mistake, seemed convenient at the time but clearly wasn't. She's always taken classified materials seriously.

    A broader lesson? If you don't keep learning you'll stagnant and not move forward, she knows she has to do her best to answer questions, but everyone should get questions, for example she has 33 years of tax returns and there are none from Donald, those questions should be posed to everybody.

    did she learn to think twice? (an insulting question, she answers anyway)

    It was permitted and turns out not convenient, but there are many other places to look at her judgement, look at her record, she's consistently taken a serious and focused approach to taking care of the nation's business.

    (I would add the media should stop calling it the email scandal, that's nasty and sexist of them, scandals abound but none of them are about Hillary)

    Defend why the US has to have an active role overseas? She'll stand up for American issues, but Donald hasn't a coherent policy, so the burden is on him, after 70 years of trying to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons, he's cavalier about it.

    she believes in trade, we are 5% of the world's population, but we have to be smart and enforce the trade agreements, she'll have a trade secretary to report to the president on trade violations.

    everyone should be able to live up to their god given potential.