Monday, May 9, 2016

Exactly the Same, Except...

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  1. and immigration, seems the Sanders people are lying about her record on immigration. What is it with Bernie, why is he such a liar?

    He voted against the Kennedy immigration bill, and lied about why. He's been claiming he made his decision after the Southern Poverty Law Center report that compared the guest worker program to slavery. The 2013 report, when the vote he took was in 2007 and the reason he gave at the time was immigrants driving down wages for real Americans.

    And because she put out the warning to parents sending their unaccompanied minors of the dangers he accuses her of being anti-children, as if she didn't vote to remove the arbitrary 5-year deadline for deportation to keep them indefinitely, while Sanders voted against removing those arbitrary deadlines.

    The only real difference between Sanders and Trump is that Trump is called out for having no realistic plans and for only talking about polls and for lying and for not releasing his tax returns. Bernie gets a pass. They both have bullies defending them too.