Sunday, May 15, 2016

Elizabeth Warren: Trump Destroyer, Part 3

Photo by Tim Pierce
It looks like this will have to be a continuing series through election day (see parts one and two). Not that I mind that one bit!

Last week, Senator Elizabeth Warren once again destroyed the Donald and reduced him to blabbering rubble like no one else has been able to do so far. And now, she's getting major buzz as a possible running mate for Hillary Clinton.

For the record, I have no problem with the idea of Clinton/Warren 2016 and I think it would be an amazing choice in many ways. But clearly, Elizabeth does not need to be on the ticket to be an invaluable and devastating street fighter against Trump. If she is not chosen to be on the Democratic ticket, it would simply mean one more front of incoming fire that the Donald will have to deal with until his defeat.

So Trump won't escape her wrath no matter what.

With that, here is the latest installment of "Elizabeth Warren: Trump Destroyer":
Then after several weak tweets from Trump about "goofy Elizabeth", she had one more response:
And there was also this:


  1. Elizabeth is great, she is standing in for all the strong women Trump does not own, by drawing his 'nasty-to-non-deferential-women' fire, with her ruthless mockery, giving him his earned spankings for all the world to see.

    And ther Donald can't stop himself, he has to answer Elizabeth, to go for the last word, (he is powerless before the retort-god and doesn't even know it, ha ha)

    So this is without end and ever entertaining. Yon Donald isn't used to being hunted by someone who doesn't give a shit, someone more unperturbed than he. She really has nothing to lose, and it shows.

    And so funny of him to call her Pocahontas, as if it were a disparagement. (He called her a heroine's name and assumed it would be heard as an insult? I don't think so, Donald, next time try calling her Newt, or Mitt, or Donald.)

    And since he isn't running against Warren there is no purpose to his candidacy in getting into food fights with her, he's only demonstrating his boring bad 7th grader temper.

    (Earth to Donald, Elizabeth isn't your opponent Hillary, and, they're both right about you, they both have your number)

    She's doing what Harry Reid did to Mitt in '12 only more, she's harrying him, snapping at his heels, keeping him nervous, she'll tree him, mark my words, it's just a matter of time and then, how's he going to get down? (ask yourself that Donald, how will you get down?)

    Warren is nothing if not relentless.

    With Warren on the case, I am sure glad my name is not Donald Trump.

    Elizabeth will goad him with impunity and take back twitter, and the nightly news.

    Go Warren. Feminist warrior.

  2. Warren does not want the job of vice president, that would require her to do certain things and would prevent her from speaking for herself, the vice president speaks in the president's voice, not her or his own voice.

    I know (and she knows) that Hillary would gladly sign and enforce every piece of consumer protection legislation Warren proposed, but, just in case, Warren will wish to reserve the right to hold Hillary to her promises. Hillary wants all of us to hold her to her promises, but Warren will be best at it. I think they both want Warren to always be Warren.